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Friday, February 13, 2015


Last weekend SM came home sick from Jersey with the creeping crud.  

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His throat was so sore, he went to the Dr on Monday thinking he might have Strep.

No, but the Dr did say something interesting.  "Did you get a flu shot?" 


(We both get Flu shots every year after having had a bad episode ten years or so ago.)

The Dr went on to say that since this years flu mutated from the expected virus that went into the flu shot, that he's been seeing patients that have all the symptoms of flu, except having a fever.  

"I've seen this over and over again.  I expect that the flu shot is giving you some benefit (IE: no fever).  As a result your flu experience will likely be milder than those folks who didn't get the flu shot."

SM was given Rx's for a Z-pac, inhaler, codeine cough syrup and told to buy Mucinex.  He was down for the count for about 4 days but has gone out on business calls the last 2 days.

"How do you feel?"  I asked him last night.

"The sore throat is gone.  It's all in my head and chest now."  He still sounds terribly congested.

"Well, Dr R (my Boss who is also out sick) went to Urgent care and was diagnosed with flu, bronchitis, sinus infection and an ear infection."

"Did she get the flu shot?"  SM asked.


"I can't begin to imagine how bad she feels right now."  SM replied sympathetically.

Yesterday I was talking with another of my Dr's when he said..."I think I may have Strep.  I've got a fever and white spots on the back of my throat."  He then headed out to get his own diagnosis.

Yikes...I'm surrounded!

Pick your poison.  Do I want flu, Strep or bronchitis?  I'm tossing extra vitamins down my throat and boiling water to get the humidity up in the house hoping to skip by this party.  

I'm a little congested and my throat is just a bit scratchy.  Sigh.

Time will tell.

Stay well, Y'all...



  1. Ugh. Condolences to SM and hoping you don't succumb. There is LOTS of the stuff going around here, too, but we've stayed healthy. The sicknesses seem to be serious and take a long time to get over. It's hard to convince yourself you still need to take it easy once you feel human again. You might want to think about tying your hubby down . . .

  2. I have never gotten a flu shot - even though I got the flu last winter for the first time in 20 years. I figure it's a crap shoot, getting the vaccine for the flu du jour. Hope you do NOT catch any of it! I go from home to office and hide there. Take care of yourself.

  3. Overdose on Vitamin C and get outside if you can! Hope hubby is feeling better quickly.