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Monday, February 2, 2015

Up and Over

SM and I stopped working on the deck when the weather got colder.  

Well...Not just because of that.  Mostly because we differed on how to finish it out.

Since SM and I don't have kids coming around we've opted NOT to have a railing on the deck.  We like the unobstructed views instead of looking at a railing.  The deck feels bigger without a railing.  We fiqured if the day comes when we want to sell, we'd put up a railing then.

The exception was the stairs.  I've become more klutzy lately and wanted hand railings to grab ahold of.  

I was also worried about Ginny.  She doesn't see so well anymore and has started bumping into things.  She knows her way around the back porch and finds and navigates the stairs pretty well.

Or so I thought.

I was sitting out back for a few minutes enjoying the sun with the dogs laying around when Casey shot off the deck barking at whatever fool thing she thought she saw.  Ginny stood up and barked once.  I didn't think she'd go after Casey but then she took a step over to where the edge of the deck was. 

I saw her put her head down and a foot out as though to check where the step was and whoopsie daisy, up and over she went and tumbled off the deck.

She stood up, shook herself off and was no worse the wear but she could have easily broke a leg.

I built a temporary bumper pad to block the open areas and discussed things later with SM.  He is still relucant to build a railing so I suggested another set of stairs along that section in the middle.  I think he's OK with a railing on the end section.

Just making plans like this makes me realize that it won't be long until Spring starts rolling around.  March can still be a little unpredictable but generally speaking that's when things start to shift to nicer weather here in NC.

One more month to go and the push begins.


  1. Aw, darn, poor Ginny! If it ain't kids, it's a klutzy lady of the manor, or a sight-challenged pup . . . it's always one thing or another. I do like the idea of no railing because they DO get in the way of the view. The original railing we put on our deck was smack-dab in our line of sight when we sat down out there. After complaining for a couple of years, we finally took the top part off, shortened all the supports and put it back together. So now there's still a safety railing (it's about a 2-3 foot drop from deck to ground level) but no longer obstructs the view.

  2. I am to the point where I am contemplating ramps for Scrappy. He's getting up there. Lovey doesn't bother with steps - she's a rocket girl. Pepper sits at the bottom and stares at me. I am the transport. I like the looks of your deck with the clear views, but am right there with you on the handrailing. Klutz is my middle name.