Wednesday, February 4, 2015

With Or Without You

SM is up in Jersey this week on a consultation.  

Before he left, we talked about when the last time was when we spent the night apart.  

(I had read somewhere that Paul and Linda McCartney never spent a night apart their entire marriage.  Seemed really romantic in a way.)

Considering the state of our aging brains we think it's been 2-3 years.  So I kissed SM goodbye, wished him safe travels and looked forward to a few days of me time.  
Well...Technically just a few hours of me time.  I still have work and the dogs to keep me occupied.

I was really looking forward to seeing how I would sleep without SM.  You see, I think that our Tempurapedic bed really absorbs the heat and with two of us in the bed, I felt that it was contributing to my night time hot flashes.

I was hoping for some really sweet snooze time this week.  Wrong!  

I flipped and flopped and flipped again.  

Hot on my side, blissfully cold on SM's side.  Then I would start shivering and flip back over into my warm little nest.


So much for that experiment!


  1. JW and I had a bed that had a memory foam plush top. Every night I thought that I would die from heat exhaustion. We looked at Walmart and found a gel topper for the bed, and it help soooo much. It was about an inch an a half thick, made of some kind of gel-ish foam, but it did the trick. I don't have any issues any more, unless I'm travelling for work and the hotel has a tempurpedic mattress. Apparently the foam mattresses just lock that heat in, and for us ladies of the warmer temps, it's not very pleasant.

  2. Oh, I love alone time and it has been a while since I've had that. Guess I spent too many years single. Nothing worse than being too warm in bed. Hope you can find a solution soon.

  3. Hi - I'm Carol from Scotland and I have been enjoying your blog since I found it. I have a similar problem with my pillow. I use a memory foam one for neck support because I broke it 35 years ago. It retains the heat and, even though I have extra padded covers on it, I wake up too hot. I have a window open even when the snow is lying but still wake up. I hope you find an answer and I'll be looking for a gel foam solution myself.