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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Early Bloom

We've had a few days in the mid 80's.  Can you believe it?

Too much too soon.  The warm weather is forcing the peach tree to bloom.  Most of the buds are still pretty wrapped up but I noticed a couple popped on the end of one branch.


Did you hear my cry across the country?  

It's WAY too early for this.  

Fortunately, the temps are notching it back down to normal for this time of year.  It should be in the 50-60's right now and that's where we'll stay through the end of the month.  

With a little luck, this refrigeration might keep the peach from blooming all the way.


We've gotten skunked the past few years with frosts killing the blooms so I'm not hopeful.

The apples on the other hand seem to have more sense.  They are bare as a bone right now...not a bud or blossom in sight.

Who knew trying to get some fruit off these trees was so tricky?  

Makes me wonder what the local orchards do to keep things in check.


  1. We've had a strange growing season. All the cold-weather crops were super slow in growing and now the warm-weather stuff is early. Feast or famine, I guess. Enjoy the milder temps!

  2. I noticed this weekend that my peach tree was budding out at the lake....in upstate SC. This is our first spring there. So, I don't know what to expect. We also have an apple tree, I think. It's fun watching everything start to come to life and try to figure out what the plants and trees are. Hope you get peaches this year!