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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Great Expectorate-tions

What comes in...
Must come out.  

That seems to be a bit of a theme here this weekend.  SM and I are both competing for the loudest (and grossest) coughing/hacking/spitting award.  

I personally think SM should win for the loudest.  The windows vibrate with the sound.

I, on the other hand, have managed to bruise the muscles in my ribcage from coughing.  I've never done that before and have a new found respect for anyone with a bruised or fractured ribcage.  Icing and pain meds help but resting is the key which I plan to do plenty of as we are in for a bit of a drippy weekend.

So far March has been teasing us with a menopausal "hotflash-coldflash" theme that I know all too well.  We had a few days in the 80's believe it or not.  WAY, too hot for this time of year and the trees and bushes are pushing buds that are just ready to pop at any moment.

SM went out and pruned back the apple and peach trees and attacked the 15 year old pampas grass that (while I love the beachy look) became to big of a headache to control.  I think these huge grasses work best on properties that can burn them back to the roots each year.  Our was just too close to the house to do that so SM took advantage of the soft ground and yoinked it up and hauled it to the waste recycling place.

I celebrated our Springtime Tease a little less strenuously by decorating our back porch with a few whimsical touches courtesy of Hobby Lobby.

I'm itching to buy some big pots for the deck edge and fill them with seasonal flowers.


I'm itching to get out in the garden and toss some compost, weed some beds and mulch some walkways.


Unfortunately, I think some of these activities are going to have to be delayed for a bit longer so I can recuperate.

Good thing for me it's only the middle of March.  
Plenty of time left for Spring Prep.


  1. That cough is the thing that lingers. Hope y'all are feeling better soon.
    Doesn't it feel good to be able to get out there? Whoo-hoo! Spring is here.

  2. Ugh, so sorry to hear that both you AND SM are still fighting the lingering effects of the cold/flu/whatever that got hold of you both. That coughing that hangs on forever will take the stuffin's right out of ya . . . so please do take care of yourselves. Spring "work" will wait for you.