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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Tease

Everything has POPPED this week.  Cherry and pear trees are full and fluffy.

They remind me of cotton candy.  

All the soft wood trees and bushes have baby soft leaves all over them. 

And our peach is downright spectacular.

Too bad the low tonight is forecast for 25.  So all this spring beauty will be burnt and brown this time tomorrow.

So, no peaches again this year.  Sigh.

At least the apples might squeek by.  

I was hoping to get outside first thing this morning and haul some compost into the raised beds at least but Brrrr...It's freaking cold out there right now!  

39 degrees with a stiff breeze that's putting the wind chill down to 30.  I went out to de-poopify the yard and not only was said poop frozen, but the grass was crunchy in the shade.

It's tempting to put things off when it's brisk like this but we both know our window to get things prepped is small.

Plus, once we're out there working we'll warm up fast enough.

Have a good day Ya'll!

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  1. Oh, luscious, luscious spring time! So sorry to hear the frost will do in the fruit of the trees that are already blossomed out. Sure wish Mother Nature would do a better job on her timing!