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Monday, March 9, 2015


The weirdest thing has happened with this spat of bronchial "flu" that I've got.

I've lost my sense of taste.

Both SM and Dr Boss report the same thing happened to them.  It took awhile for it to come back, but it did...Thank Goodness.

I've never really thought about going through life without the ability to taste things.  Further "Google-ing" reveled that once the body recovers from the virus, the sense of taste comes back.  

But for some, it does not. Can you imagine?

Image result for tasteless food


  1. Love that cartoon! By the time all the "shouldn'ts" have been removed from a food item, I bet it does taste like sawdust.

  2. I can't imagine! No taste? Hope you get better soon...and that your tastebuds liven up!

  3. Once an Rx left me without a sense of smell (and resulting taste) for almost a year. It was awful.