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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Turning The Corner?

I have to admit February zipped by pretty fast.  

It was a rough one weather wise but I got through the day to day minutia easier that SM did.  

The drag of being sick for a whole month is wearing on SM's last nerve but he continues to plug along.  Me?  I've managed to avoid the worst of the creeping crud (so far) and am happy to get through the worst of Winter without having slit my wrists (emotionally speaking that is).

Continuing with my monthly sunrise series of snaps today is less than inspiring but here it is!  Welcome to March.

It's gray with freezing rain coming down. You can still see the snow in the back garden area.  Hard to believe the day might actually come when we can get back there and putz around.  The ground is really boggy out there.

Truly... I can't let this post get published with this gray dullness.  Here's to hoping for some color really soon.


  1. Believe it or not, I have the feeling winter is slipping away way up here in northern MN, too. Probably because yesterday we hit 20 ABOVE zero and the same is forecast for today and tomorrow. Makes one downright giddy!

  2. Let's hope March will go out a lot tamer than it came in! Freezing rain here yesterday too. Nasty stuff.

  3. I just love that last shot. It looks so....warm! I'm with Mama Pea. Woke up this morning to 20 POSITIVE degrees and almost keeled over!