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Saturday, April 25, 2015

In Theory...

In Theory...The "barrier" of flower pots that edge the deck keep my Sweet Ginny Girl from falling off it.

The reality is that the direct sun flattens the flowers (except the Geraniums) in the afternoon.  

And it's only been in the 70's.  So I guess I'll need to move these into the shady area's and tell SM that we need to put up some sort of short railing.

In Theory...Every seed you plant should germinate.  And it would also help if the person who planted the seed would note the type and if it was new seed or an old seed save.  (ahem)  

Of course, the reality is that if you have a bare spot for reasons known or unknown, you can still plant more seeds.  Or in this case some Yarrow that I spotted at the nursery.  Perfect for calling bees!

In Theory...Trees should be planted in the Fall.  

Seems like we never learn and our new Red Maple is in shock.  The 30 mile drive home from the nursery on the outerbelt tore up some of the leaves and we had a ton of rain the first week it was in the ground.  I'm sure none of that helped but it's still hanging in there.  Each afternoon it gets all wilty which makes me think it needs water but I can't imagine that's the case.  Oh well...

In Theory...Cold and flu season should be winding down.  

Image result for i have a cold

The reality is that SM travels a lot and seems to pick up whatever creeping crud is out there.  He mowed the lawn the other day and came in all congested and watery eyed so we thought it might be his very first bout with pollen allergies.  But he's not responding to anti-hist's so we're assuming it's just a bad cold.  He passed out last night with a hit of Nyquil which kept him down most of the night.  Poor guy just can't catch a break.

Rain coming in today.  That's why the pics are kinda dark.  
Happy Saturday Everyone!


  1. Yep. The ol' "in theory" concept. Sigh. Just doesn't always go that way, does it? Well, if the rain comes and your new little maple tree perks up, you'll know it really did need water. Or several days of bed rest. Like your husband. Sigh. Hang in there.

  2. Regarding the red maple... as long as it keeps hanging in there, you're doing good.
    Here's your mantra for transplanting perennials:

    The first year it sleeps.
    The second year it creeps.
    The third year it leaps.

    1. Oh yeah, and the reason it gets all wilty in the afternoon is because it doesn't have enough roots to absorb enough water to support all the growth on top, they got cut back when it was transplanted. As long as it recovers by night, it's okay, that's stimulating root growth. You *might* want to take a look and see if the topside is in any way unbalanced and if there are a few branches you would want to trim up, but you can definitely go overboard on that.