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Saturday, April 4, 2015

My Goodness!

My Goodness!  Have I got plans for this long Easter Weekend!   

I'm in danger of getting nothing done because my head is spinning everywhere I look.  There's the necessary household tasks and then there's all the extra stuff. 

I want to get mulch for the garden walkways this morning but 
My Goodness! 
It's windy!  I looked up the forecast and it's supposed to gust to 20mph today.  Ha!  We'll see how much work I actually get done today.  

I plan on doing all my direct sowing in the raised beds after the winds die down.  Maybe Monday.  Our last frost date is April 15th but once we get past tonight (39) that's it!  Nothing forecasted below 40 through the 15th!  Yeah us!

I want to get to a nursery and start shopping for plants.  Blueberries, peonies, hydrangeas, redbuds, azaleas...I'm in a fever can't you tell?

My Goodness!  You should see the yellow haze over everything!


I saw this on FB and had to laugh.  It's true.  Ya'll can complain all you want  to about snow but we get actual pollen accumulation around here.  Makes your eyes grainy and you can taste it in your mouth.  I expect we'll actually see it in the wind today as a yellow haze.

My Goodness!  SM had to remind me to color eggs for Easter.  I've got some eggs steaming as we speak.  I've never tried this before but I'm encouraged by everything I read up on it.  Have any of you tried the steaming method for hard boiled eggs?

Time to get cracking!  (Ha...Hopefully not the eggs)
Ya'll have a wonderful Easter Weekend now.


  1. Are you taking any medications for a pollen allergy? If so, I want some. I don't have pollen allergies (or pollen, for that matter, up here right now), but I want your enthusiasm and energy regardless of how you got it. You go, girl, but don't hurt anybody in the process!

  2. I've found the key to peeling hard boiled eggs is moisture. If you peel them right away or keep them sealed in some tupperware they retain their moisture between the membrane and the shell. Set them in a bowl in the fridge and in a few hours they will have dried beyond salvage! Humidity is the key.

  3. I can't hardly wait to get my flower seeds planted, but the weather forecasters say we are to have heavy rains this week. I don't want to have my seeds get washed away. Last year when I planted my zinnia seeds it looked like it was a perfectly calm and sunny day out. I gathered all of my planting stuff, went outside and just as I was ready to start sowing the seeds the wind gusted up. I sowed seeds in between gusts of wind, and patted them down onto the soil after each time after I put some down, so they wouldn't get blown away They were zinnia seeds, so I could see where they were on the soil. Later that night heavy rains came and washed big spots of my seeds away. Luckily, they were seeds I had saved from the previous summer's flowers and I had plenty of them left because I then had to plant seeds a second time.

    I am not a fan of working in the yard or flower beds when it is windy. Makes my eyes water, nose run, and chaps my face. Not to mention that every time I put something down, it blows away and usually I can't catch it.

    Hope your eggs work out well. Have a happy Easter!

  4. So much excitement! I can't wait to see all that you're growing.
    Steaming is the only way I do hard-boiled eggs now. I read that same post a while back and have been steaming ever since. It's magic. Every holiday we do deviled eggs, and they turn out magnificently! Enjoy your time off!

  5. I hear you. I broke down and put out three tomato plants today. Just couldn't hold off any longer. Nobody around here has perennials worth a flip as yet. You might know I'll be out of town the next couple of weeks and that's when they'll suddenly show up!

  6. Maybe we're finally done with winter now. There was ice in the waterers here yesterday, but it looks like clear sailing from here on out. Time to get those gardens planted!

  7. My goodness you are so far ahead of me! I have not tried the steaming method, but I think I will. I have tried every method on god's green earth to hard boil eggs with sagging results.