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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Start Your Engines

This past week, Spring has smacked us all up-side our heads.  

She's started her engine and stepped on the gas, squealing her tires.

Guess who else is squealing?

I always like to plan a staycation week in April just because there's so much to do.  Since Winter hung on so long I decided to delay my staycation to May.  Kinda wish now I'd taken the time as planned.

There's SO much to and so little time during the work week.  

Last weekend was spent covering walkways with DOUBLE landscape fabric and then tossing mulch on top of that.  

I'm hoping that this "triple threat" might prove a solution to the weedy walkway issue.  I also bought some composted moo-nure that I tossed on top of the mushroom compost.

Can you tell I'm serious about the garden this year?

We've had some on and off rain this week so Wednesday, after a long soaking rain the night before, I went out and direct sowed all the raised beds planting lettuce, carrots, beans, cucumbers and both summer and winter squashes.  

Along with flowers.  Lots of flowers.

Nothing's come up yet but I hope to see signs of life in a few more days.

The back inground beds are for working on later after everything else is done.  Part of me wants to say "Screw it" and NOT plant the beds this year.  I actually had to mow the weeds down and then temporarily covered them to keep things from expolding again.  

I'm considering tossing a thick layer of cardboard on it (which will take time to obtain) to squelch the weeds and just let it sit for a year.  We'll see.  I'll probably have SM till it and plant it all up as normal...Weeds be damned.

Last week SM and I also took some time to wander some of the local nurseries looking not only for annuals but also thinking about shrubs and trees to finish off the (never ending) back porch project.

We didn't buy anything, just noted prices (ouch) and considered what we wanted where.

SM wants to take me to a nursery, Growers Outlet, that he visited back in February down in Pineville which is a bit of a haul from here.  I told him that we'll be taking the truck in case we find stuff we want.  

So lot's and lot's to do.  Pictures of our progress to come.


  1. Wondering if you go to Lowes or Home Depot they will give you cardboard from their appliances etc.

  2. Idea on the cardboard: Do you have an Office Max or similar nearby? They flatten theirs for recycle. You could ask if they'd give you some.

    Spring is finally here too! So excited to get out the cold frame and get started.

  3. Wow, your beds and walkways look great! Even though it's a time when you can't see seeds starting to do their thing yet, I like the neat, cleanness of the garden at this stage.

  4. Ooooh, how exciting! I can't wait to see all your stuff coming up! Folks like moving boxes on Craig's List for free around here every weekend. If you call Publix (grocery), they can tell you what days are best for obtaining boxes.
    Hope you get some rain!

  5. Wow. Your beds look GREAT! Mine are still weed filled :(

  6. Tami, I am seriously impressed! I finally got Dan to till the upper part of the garden yesterday because the weeds were out of control and I need to plant! But it has been so wet and muddy. The thing that gets me about cardboard boxes is the plastic tape they use. I hate taking the time to pull the darn stuff off.