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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cleaning All Around

I was out in the garden by 7am yesterday raking and pulling weeds.  I also laid more fabric in hopes that I'd start slinging mulch on the rest of the garden pathways.  (Didn't happen.)

Anyhow...While I was out there schmucking around I got to thinking about how the in-ground beds were much more manageable weed-wise because I'd left long strips of fabric on the beds to deter the weed growth until I was ready to plant.

And I got to thinking.
A dangerous thing...@;)

What if I just move those long strips around as a temporary block.  Remove when I need the ground to grow any seasonal item and then cover it back up.

You can see the green that wasn't covered up.

Last week I had called and made a date with Stanley Steemer for Monday morning.  I have a Bissell Carpet Cleaner that gets used every month or so for general cleaning and also whenever the need arises with the dogs.  

SM and I have been going back and forth about replacing the 20yr old carpet that was here when we bought the place. He wants to replace the ugly green carpet in the Master and I want to replace the living room/hallway.  Now that's a lot of mulah to spend so we agreed to postpone if a professional cleaning makes a difference.

So SS came in and I must say they did a good job.  They wanted to upgrade me with all the enzymes and deodorizers but I kept it to a basic clean.  Whatever they do is temporary at best with 3 dogs and 2 humans.  What I'm mostly curious about is how long the carpet stays relatively clean and fluffy.  

The kid who was trying to up-sell me told me to hold onto the carpet I had.  He told me a story of a long time customer of SS who did annual cleanings with them and had replaced their carpet 2-3 yrs ago and is now very dissatisfied with the quality and lack of "stain master" that was advertised. 

After that I went out and planted some beans, mowed the backyard and hosed down all the windows and trim in anticipation of getting some painting done.  I also hosed down the back porch and wiped everything down to try and get rid of any residual pollen.  

Things are finally winding down in that department. Thank Goodness!


  1. Glad to see you're having a nice, relaxing staycation...I would imagine that the SS guy would be out of business if all their clients got new carpeting. I have started to replace my carpets with other flooring - same reason: 3 dogs. And 2 cats.

  2. You have so much energy! I'm tired for you ;-)

    Have you thought about hard wood floors? It would reduce the allergy factor. This is what we went with except for the family room which is on a slab - Berber carpet with a really thick pad in a tweed to hide the cat barf spots that don't come out with Resolve. We have area rugs and some orientals too. Very expensive to clean but we don't have to do it very often.