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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cowpies And Baby Birds

The garden has an interesting look to it this year.  

Besides my humongous effort to create a neater garden with wider (weed free? ha) walkways, we also needed to amend the soil and build the raised beds up to an adequate depth for growing.

The raised beds were easy.  Several truckloads of compost were shoveled in and the veggies seem to be happy about it.

The in-ground beds were a mess of weeds.  I didn't see the point of spending money to feed the weeds so to speak and mentioned this concern to SM who simply said..."Why don't you just put the compost where the seed is."

Brilliant!  So that's what I did.  I bought bags of composted manure and placed the seeds on the bare ground and then covered them up with a handful of compost.

That's right...No tilling happened.  Just toss and cover.  Looks like a bunch of cowpies to me!

So everything is in except the tomatoes which I hope to get tomorrow.  I'll do the same thing with them but dig a hole and back fill it with compost.

While I was out in the garden, a baby Robin fell from the sky and caused a great uproar within the canine community.  You'd think it was a ham-bone. 

The baby bird saw the movement of the neighbor dog and started flopping over that way while the parents had a hissy fit overhead.  I got to it and took it on the other side of the fence where it's parents coaxed it to the safety of some trees.  It's a ground flopper so I'm not holding out hope that it will survive but you never know.  Hopefully the parents will still feed it, it's certainly loud enough.

Yesterday was Dr-Day and the appointments were set for 11 and 2 so the only thing I got done was the a.m. gardening.  

I got my bum smacked for being over-weight and threatened with statins to lower cholesterol if I didn't take care of it myself.  

On the other hand, she RX'd me some Metro-gel for the rosacea and told me that I could stay on the Lexapro for the rest of my life if I wanted too. 

Clearly Sister-girl is in Menopause herself and knows that a girl just can't put a price on her sanity.  

I'd rather be a drugged up happy person than a total Bee-atch any day! 

Just ask SM...

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  1. Your. Blog. Makes. Me. Happy. :) And that SM, what a smartie only feeding where the seeds are. Sometimes it takes an SM to think of that. Because, like I would have totally not thought of that myself...but I would have totally pretended that I had. :)

    1. Funny...I used to think that I was the "brains" in the operation but now that I'm older he seems to be the only one with the gray matter still sparking.

  2. Regarding the gardening, ya know what they say: In gardening there are no failures, only experiments. Soooo, what's wrong with trying something new? There's always a better way, and what works for one person, doesn't always work for the other. We just gotta find our own way. (With a little help from our better half now and then.)

    If you're happy a smidge bit overweight and a smidge bit medicated (;o]) who the heck cares??

    1. Seems like that's ALL I do is experiment with the garden. I was thinking though that THIS year I seem more laid back about it. You know...Que-Sera-Sera...sorta thing. I think this is my 5th or 6th year gardening so maybe it takes that long to "get relaxed" about it.

  3. I'm sort of on a bit of a sabbatical from work, and my guy is retired, so I'm doing a lot of yard work. I'll eventually get a new job but my severance package was nice. We have been using your cardboard and mulch trick with good results. I saved it all winter for the side yard. My cat Molly thought she needed to help and had shredded a bit of it before we could "plant" it. That cat has a cardboard fetish. Anyway, I wish I had as much sunny space to have raised beds as you do. I have to have my tomato bed in the front yard....looks a bit odd but I don't care!

    Overweight blah. I personally blame menopause. My gyn doc told me that 50 used to be the life span of women at the turn of the century so all this crap that we are going through is really uncharted territory. What bugs me is that all the extra weight seems to be concentrated in my gut which, medically speaking, is supposed to be very bad. Why isn't all this yard work helping?!!!

    Take the statins. I do. Mine is hereditary. Thank you so much mom and dad. Well, I've outlived my dad and my mom will be 89 in June but with some senioritis. Hope we do as well! I'm looking forward to the rest of your posts this staycation week!

    1. Scooter is the paper hound in my family. Kleenex, paper towels, toilet paper...He shreds them all if he gets his mitts on it.

      Glad to hear what your Dr. told you. I've been thinking "Really? You can put a man on the moon but you can't do anything (safe) about Menopause?" My weight is in the gut too but I've also noticed a certain expansion around my hips.

      I waffle. Lose weight. Screw it. Loose weight. Screw it. To be fair she she didn't lecture me. I bet she has "The Weight" conversation with just about everybody so it must get tedious saying it over and over again. I suppose if my blood work comes back nasty I'll try and make an effort. Until then...I'm in denial!!!!

    2. Me too!! Unfortunately I'm on the upper end right now. I was sorting and shifting warm/cold weather clothes today. I just can't make myself get rid of some of them because they might fit. Some day. I did get rid of the 16s a while ago because I swore I would never get THAT big ever again. It was what caused me to join weight watchers the first time. I do the diet when I have absolutely no choice - note: this is usually preceded by a shopping trip with three way mirrors, my caboose is THAT big?! I know how it works calories in, weight on...but I really do enjoy my evening wine! Like Mama Pea said, medication especially after a lot of yard work!

  4. That is some garden you have there, Tami! I say do whatever makes you feel good. Life is way too short not to squeeze the most out of it. All my dogs do not bother with birds (well, Lovey has some issues) - they are too busy hunting for rabbit poop, chicken poop, any poop.