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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Fresh Cut and Cutting In

In other news, I mentioned to a neighbor how lovely her peonies were (mine are not in bloom yet) and she went in and got her scissors and cut me a lovely bouquet.  

"In return for all the lovely flowers you've given me."  She said referring to my zinnia bouquets I gave her last summer.

I'm spending most of my time painting our wood exterior windows.  It's more than just a little bit tedious, let me tell you.  

I have to paint the window trim twice to get a good coat on, letting it dry in between coats.  Then I take a straight edge razor (window scraper) and scrape back all the paint from the glass to give me a nice clean edge.  Then I have to paint the brick mold and sill a different color.  

So all in all I'll be at each window at least 4 times.

I have 24 windows to cut in.  
At least I don't have to wonder what I'll be doing this Summer...Ha! 

SM and I got a price quote a few years ago to replace the windows.  Seems like that's what everybody does.  But we could end up spending 15K+...A small fortune that I'd rather save for our retirement.  

I said as much to SM and pointed out that we'd be better off repairing what we have and letting whoever buys our house in the future deal with replacing the windows if they feel that strongly about it.

So that's what SM will be doing this Summer.  Replacing rotten molds and trims and repairing the windows as best we can.  We watched a Rehab Addict episode where she "sister-ed in" some window molds and replaced a sill.  

I suppose more energy efficient windows would be nice but there's a pretty good chance that whatever we would install NOW would need to be replaced again by the time we're ready to downsize.  

Seems like everything has a limited lifespan anymore...


  1. Be glad you and SM both have the talent (and patience!) to do the remodeling and refurbishing you do around your place. Most folks these days are too lazy or too stoopid (did I just say that out loud?) to tackle home repairs.

  2. You got that right mama pea! My guy is rebuilding the backyard fence with some pickets, new posts when necessary and new cross beams. It would cost us several thousand for a fencing company to do it. Especially since the back wall is just metal posts and wire. This will cost several hundred. It will just take a while. Not too stoopid to do the math!

    My peonies haven't opened yet. I guess I should tie the up? Nah, it's 5:00 - time for a glass of wine! Happy weekend!

  3. Fifteen grand for windows??? I'd be right along side you doing our own repairs to try and limp through it.
    Oh, LOVE the new blog pic!!! I can almost hear the "snuffling-sniffing"!