Sunday, May 17, 2015

It's All Your Fault @;)

I was doodling around on my blog page when I noticed a number.

1018.  Huh?

I have published One Thousand Eighteen posts.  
I suppose this one makes One Thousand Nineteen.

Holy crap...who would have thought I'd have that much to say?  
I mean it's not like this is a political blog or I'm spouting health research.  

It's just me.

A middle aged suburban wife who works a full-time job and plants stuff in her backyard.  Big whoop-dee-doo.

Then I looked to see how long I've been doing this.  

Technically I have CRS disease (Can't Remember Shit) so I looked back and realized that I started this blog exactly 5 years ago.  Yeah me!  I stuck with it!

Then I looked to see where my audience actually comes from.  Here's the list of "Who's To Blame" and guess who tops the list?

Referring URLs


Image result for a homegrown journal

That's right.  Mama Pea.

It's all your fault.

Stand up and take a bow Sister!

You deserve it.


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  1. Oh my gawd! I had no idea I was such a stalker. (Feel free to take out a restraining order.) But it is not my fault. You've said once or twice we think alike. Guess that just means I'm narcissistic. :o]