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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Honey...Come On!

This year I've noticed a distinct lack of pollinators.  

Oh, there's a few bees out there.

I see some fat Bumbles on my flowers out front.
And of course the Borer Bees that want to make holes in my back deck.

But Honey Bees?

Either someone nearby lost their hive or the bees I usually get have found greener pastures.

I saw some early this Spring on the Henbit weeds that were flowering and I usually have a plethora (love that word) of honey bees on the Holly bushes when they flower but the frost zapped those blooms, so no bees.

The Summer clover in my yard usually guarantees they'll stick around until the veggies start blooming.

But this year I haven't seen any buzzing around my squash or bean flowers.  

Until today.  

SM and I went out and picked our first beans and summer squash and when I stuck my head in between the gi-normous squash leaves, I noticed a distinct hum in the air.

Did you hear my shout and witness my happy dance this morning?

So the honey bees have come and not a moment too soon.  And did you know that we also had rain this week?  Blessed Relief I can tell you that!

When you think about it, it really is a miracle that SM and I are witnessing out in the garden this year. 

We spent the money on good compost for the veggie seeds and tons of mulch for weed control and Mother Nature is supplying the rain and sunshine in just the right amount.

God Bless Us Everyone...!



  1. Treat those busy, little honey bees right!

    There are fewer and fewer of them left because of the damage we've done to them via the environment. Imagine what would happen to us if the food we depended upon was sprayed with poisons . . . and that was all we had to eat. (The fields of crops that honey bees work are laden with poisonous sprays of all kinds and they simply can't survive for long ingesting it. The honey bees are now reaping the results. They are dying.) Oh, wait. We ARE ingesting those same crops that have been sprayed. There is a reason for the huge increase in every disease from cancer to auto-immune problems to dementia humans are experiencing these days. It ain't natural, folks, for these plagues upon the human body to be growing by leaps and bounds. Just one more big, huge, important, vital reason for us to grow as much of our own uncontaminated food as we can.

    Celebrate your homegrown beans and summer squash! Kudos to you and SM for doing your part. That's all any of us can do . . . along with education. Unfortunately, the huge chemical conglomerates have the money to continue making sure things go their way. And all they're interested in is making more money.

  2. We have friends that have hives up in Pennsylvania. They tell us what not to use. We use the following as a weed killer: 1 gallon vinegar, 2 cups Epsom salts and 1/4 cup original blue Dawn dish soap. Spray it on the weeds and within 24 hours they wither away! We use a cheap pump sprayer that we bought from one of the big box stores.

    I am jealous that you already have produce. None here yet in Virginia except herbs. My new experiment is chive blossom vinegar. We just finished up some rainy misty days so we didn't have to water. The water barrel is 60 percent full. That's a good thing and we have tiny baby tomatoes!!! Yay!

  3. I too, get all giddy when I hear the familiar sound of the honey bee. And as I'm sure you know, but others swear we're nuts, you CAN tell a honey bee buzz vs. a bumble or a hornet or a fly. Music to my ears!

  4. Your squash looks fantastic! So glad the bees are visiting. Enjoy your harvest!

  5. I love to hear the buzzing in a early morning squash garden. :) Glad the bees returned.