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Friday, July 10, 2015

The Year Of The Squash

Have I mentioned lately that I am having a bumper year with squash? 

Summer, Winter...Doesn't matter.  I've got the stuff coming out of my ears!

Winter Squash is all mine.  No sharing the stuff, I love it that much.  Nobody gets to eat it unless they come to my house for dinner.

Summer Squash is a different story.  Fresh eating is the only way it tastes good to me.  I tried freezing it one year and put it in soups that winter but I didn't like the texture and taste. 

I'm grateful for the abundance of Summer Squash I have right now.

And even more grateful for the like minded people out there who don't mind taking it off my hands.  There's less of them out there than you might think. 

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My "go to" is Mario who works the front reception area in the building where my offices are.  Mario is as tall as he is wide.  An affable giant of a man who works the room helping patients find their doctors, getting elderly folks seated and babies stop crying when they see his smiling face.

Mario always asks me "How's that garden doing?" and is more than willing to take excess veggies off my hands to feed his troops at home.  

Seems like his kids don't question it if it's fried.

Anyhow, I'm hoping to pull some of the mature winters off this weekend.  The main plants are dying back (due to the Summer Inferno that just will not go away!

But the ends are green and blooming and putting out new babies, so who am I to complain? 

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It's interesting that this year seems to be The Year of The Squash.

I haven't been able to get a squash plant to mature in 4+ years due to the dammed SVB's!  This year nothing, nada...Seems that Mother Nature has found a way and corrected the issue all on her own.

If only I could get her to turn the oven down.  It's been just too freaken HOT this year.

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  1. Oooh, I would gladly take some of that summer squash off your hands! Our problem up here is too wet, too cool. Everything is waaaay behind. Have you tried one of those spiral cutters for zukes? OMG, it is amazing!

  2. Go ahead, rub it in. Even my zucchini says it's been too %^#*! cold for it to make any blossoms. Besides the fact that you can't grow squash in sub-zero (!) temperatures, I've never been fond of many of the summer squashes. But, like you, I loves my winter squashes. Most years (with luck) I can get Red Kuri to mature and it's become my favorite over Acorn or Butternut.

  3. Nice. Unfortunately it has been the summer of rain on rain on rain in Ohio. Wish we could send to other parts of the country that need it. Hoping I can harvest my garlic this weekend if it doesn't --- rain!

  4. Good for you!! My summer squash is not doing well at all...I've had to supplement my needs at the Farmers Market! Winter squash is awesome and doing very well...I have butternut, a blue hubbard-type and I planted a new one this year: a Hopi squash from the reservation in Arizona...love my blogger friends: traded butternut seed for the Hopi seed.