"Getting rid of everything that doesn’t matter allows you to remember who you are. Simplicity doesn’t change who you are, it brings you back to who you are."

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Still Here...

But I got nothing.  Mid-Summer slump I guess. 

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but I've been pretty mellow and not into the whole blogger thing.  

This happens from time to time with me.  I expect it does with you all too.

So what's up?

The garden is quiet except for the random tomato or squash.  The only thing that's putting out is the Zinnia bed (and for that I'm grateful.)  We've fallen into a more reasonable pattern of temps in the 90's with an infrequent shower here and there.  They've told us we're in "Stage 1 Drought" which doesn't impact me as the garden is finished and I don't water my lawn anyway.

SM and I are busy with work and are too tired to do much once we get home so there's nothing new to report there.  I know we're both looking forward to Fall and getting active again.

I chased SM out of the house this weekend and up to Ohio for a family gather (his side) this weekend.  I wasn't feeling the long drive (since we'd been there last month) so I opted out.  I told SM that he didn't need me whining at him that it was past my bedtime (8:30) when he was with his brothers at the bar, smoking cigars and having a good laugh.  (I tend to be the party pooper around here.)

And to be honest it's sometimes nice to be alone.  Not that I'm really alone with three dogs shadowing my every move, but you get my drift.  

I mowed the lawn and went grocery shopping and did a bunch of laundry yesterday.  I thought about cleaning the carpets and decided to wait until today for that.  Good thing as Scooter puked up a wad of grass that he'd eaten.  I saw that this morning and had to shake my head at the irony.

Anyhow...I'm boring ya'll with mindless blather, so how about some selfies?

                                       Holy Shit!  When did I get so gray??? 

And there you go.
Just another quiet day around here.  
Ya'll have a good one...


  1. You are having too much fun with your camera!
    Our garden was planted late so we are still working in it here and we got some rain so I planted fall greens.

  2. Delightful post, dear crazy lady!

  3. Please to meet (see) you! What I have growing is banana peppers by the dozens! I've already pickled some and frozen more, now what?! Want some?

    Btw, I'm going gray too. Too lazy to attempt at coloring it.

  4. I love the selfies! Your wonderful personality really shines through. As for me, I'm way past gray. :)

  5. I thought you were supposed to do those stupid pucker-up-duck-lips on selfies? Where's yours?! :)

  6. Great selfies!! I scare myself when I try to get a "shot"....yikes! I like the "me" I carry in my mind...not the real thing! I also wanted to let you know I love your zinnias...I let mine self-seed all over the ranch...they are beautiful and soooo easy to grow!

  7. Just getting caught up on blog posts and saw this one of yours and had to comment. Too funny!!!! :)