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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Beauty And The Beast

Sorry for the silence on the blog.  
Everything's fine.

It's just that August wiped me out heat-wise.  And humidity-wise.

If you enjoy breathing through a hot, wet washcloth then Charlotte, North Carolina is the place for you to be in August.

So I went into blah mode.  
At least from a creative writing perspective that is.

Life still chugs along but it's been mostly work related activities that have occupied my time.  (I've got new Tech to learn this month (Online Training) and Clinical's start next month so it will be a busy Fall.)

So...Lets wrap up the Summer Garden of 2015, shall we?

August could best be described as The Beauty and The Beast month. 

We had tons of butterflies in the Zinnia patch.

It's been a hot summer and very dry so everything died off early.  I'd been accumulating cardboard in my trunk to lay in the beds so one day I asked SM to help me clear out the dead vines.

And that's when we found The Beast(s).

While I was fascinated with the masses of squash bugs we found hiding under all the dead vines, I was also freaked out and pissed off that they were there.

So I looked up how to eradicate them and dragged the Shop Vac out to the garden, filled it with few inches of soap water and proceeded to vacuum my garden.  (I'm sure the neighbors had a good laugh.) 

Word got out as I sucked those bastards up and suddenly the ground and fence posts were in motion with the Evacuation of the Squash bug.


I will say the Shop Vac/soapy water combination worked beautifully.  I went out the next day to inspect the garden and there wasn't a squash bug in sight.  

I have no idea where they went but suspect I'll be invaded with them next year.  Sigh.

In other news, SM is in full football mode now and has set up his Man Cave on the back porch.  We've purchased a small TV that we take in and out as needed.  SM also bought a swivel rocker that was on sale and hung some cord lighting around the edge of the deck roof.  

It's pretty sweet back there although with the heat I'm like a butterfly myself fluttering in and out.

I'm sitting outside now as I write this.  Believe it or not...It's 57 degrees out this morning.

Yeah me!  Fall is FINALLY on it's way!  
One more week of upper 80's and then I'll be in my favorite season of all.


  1. Good to have a post from you. It's not that I don't care about your well-being (:o]), but I kinda sorta assumed all was well and you were just riding out the end of your terribly hot, humid weather. So hard to function when it's like that and you've had solid months of it opposed to our few weeks. Yes, fall is my very favorite time of year, too. Bring on the "sweatshirt weather!"

  2. I was counting days...it's been more than a month.
    It's good that you finally posted. Did you lose weight? Coming from you last post.

  3. So glad to hear from you again. We didn't have as much hot weather as you had, but enough. We woke to temps in the 40's this morning!!! Doubt it will hit 70 here today but it's truly a gorgeous day with lots of sunshine, fluffy clouds and breezes. Aren't the swallowtails wonderful? I've got them in my garden, too and I love to watch them.

  4. I know just how you feel. Summer. Ugh.
    Bring on the cooler temps! Whoo-hoo!

  5. I missed your posts, so glad your back.