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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Tail Travails

We've been sitting in a soupy, foggy, drizzly mess for the past week.  

This means that the dogs have to be pushed off the back porch to do their business. 

You'd think they'd enjoy the "red carpet" treatment I have laid out for them.

But NOOOOOO...They hang out at the top of the stairs and look at me with their sad eyes as I yell "GO POTTY" for all the neighbors to hear.  

Even this has failed as a motivator and I've had to apply the old Foot to Back End technique as a prompt to get them out in the yard.

Said yard was (of course) looking like a wheat field, the grass was so high.

I got home the other night and jogged behind the mower in the twi-dark in an effort to alleviate some of their misery.  

I suppose squatting in the tall grass makes for a ticklish experience. 

Did it help?
Not really.
And today we are forecasted to have an all day hard rain event.

 Image result for dogs in raincoats and boots

Time for raincoats and boots?

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