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Sunday, December 27, 2015

A "Rude" Awakening

So we went to see Star Wars Christmas morning.

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I assumed that at 11 am it would be wide open but the theater was packed.  As in only front row seats available.

Since I'm not a 12 year old boy, I turned and started scanning the rows above us and noted plenty of empty seats.  Some were being held for family members who had run to the concession stand for some snacks.

But there where some empty single seats here and there.  
Buffers we like to call them.  
As in I don't want to be too close to the next person.

I spotted a couple of buffers in one row and asked the fellow if he could move down one so Ray and I could have a seat together.

He shook his head so I turned to the lady (who sat beside two kids between the man) and asked her if she would move.

She just looked at me.

"Really!"  I said looking back at the man.  "You can't move down so we can sit together?"

"Nope.  I'm comfortable where I'm at."

Now I have a voice that projects naturally so I'm pretty sure that most of the theater heard me say "And Merry Christmas to you Asshole."

SM hustled my irritated self up a few more rows where a lady called out to us.  "I can move down."  

And so SM and I sat in better seats next to a nice lady who snorted when I verbally fumed "It would serve the jerk right if I went down there and sat next to him.  You'd think he'd know better than to piss off a middle aged woman.  I could make his life a living hell."

But on further reflection I came to the conclusion that some men (and women) are just jerks.  No maturity.  No respect.  No kindness.

I felt a little bad for calling the dad an asshole in front of his kids but then thought better of it.  

Kids are pretty smart.  I bet they already know their dad is an ass-hat.  

And the wife/girlfriend?  Pretty sure she wanted to stay out of it because she knows that he's a disrespectful ass-hat too.

BTW...Stars Wars - A New Awakening was very good.  A nice blend of familiar faces (old farts from the original trilogy) and engaging new young characters which will ensure future audiences for years to come.

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Mid-way through the movie, SM leaned over and asked me if we could put this on pause so he could go to the bathroom.

I laughed.

I'm thinking that this may very well be the last time we go to a theater.  

Why bother?  

Netflix or HBO or the DVD will be out in a few months.

I can wait.

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And not have to deal with ass-hats.


  1. OK, seems you have moved a little further than I have. I mumble to dumba$$es under my breath as I walk away. My wife would have done the same thing you did. People are idiots anymore, which is why we rarely go out anymore. The movie was so so for me. Could have waited until the dvd release to see it. Seemed kinda rushed at the end.

    1. Yeah...I tend to say what I think up front. Kinda wish I wouldn't do that. Common sense is the first thing that walks out the door when menopause hits. I have a hair trigger anymore.

  2. "Merry Christmas to you Asshole."
    Did I read you correctly? You did say it out loud?
    Glad you got a nicer seat.

    1. Yeppers. Pot calling the kettle black huh? :)

  3. Oh good for you. You get a free pass when healing with ass hats. While there are certainly nice, polite people around, they're getting fewer and farther between.

  4. Can't imagine I was the first person to ask him to move down one. I expect I was the first to confront him about it though. Tami's world is a pretty small place. I'm not used to disregard like that.

  5. due to the fact my husband is very tall, we always get to the theater really early and get the seats we want. Nothing is more irritating than someone coming along late and asking us to move over so they can have our primo seat! Either get there earlier, sit in the front row or split up and sit apart. it's YOUR fault there were no good seats together.

    1. I hear ya. But it's not like we asked them to move 10 seats down. Or even 2 seats. It was one. And it was a full theater. If everyone had a "buffer" seat between them there would be a lot of empty seats. Or a lot of "privileged" people while everyone else splits up.

      I would like to think that even you and your husband would would recognize that.

      Or not.

      That's what makes the world go round isn't it?

    2. Well of course we get it. Have you given any thought to what was going on with that man. Does he have an illness or injury that would make it difficult for him to move? You never know. We get there early to give others the opportunity to find a seat where they can see the movie. That's why we sit for 30 minutes before the movie starts. We get there so early to give others-especially children, the opportunity to find another seat where they can see. It is not uncommon to have a V of unoccupied seats behind us. Especially if we go with some friends where the husband is also 6'8"+. If he moves over for you, the late comer, now someone else-who got there early to get a good seat, may not be able to see.

      I get your frustration, but like Dr Phil says, every pancake no matter how flat, has two sides. While it may not have been Chrismassy to not move for you, how gracious were you to use vulgar language around children?

      PS, Just so you know, I really do enjoy your blog and read it all of the time. ;)

  6. You go girl!! I have to think I would have done the same thing, and wouldn't have cared if his kids or "significant other" heard it. You are right, he was a jerk, and you were better off not sitting anywhere near that person (I use that term loosely in his case!). But I'm glad you had fun, and enjoyed the movie!

    1. I told SM about this blog post yesterday and asked him if I was out of line. Hey...I'm human. I make mistakes too.

      SM said..."You just verbalized what I was thinking. The guy was a jerk."

  7. I'm about tired of jerks too. Is it just me, or isn't it getting worse?

    I haven't decided if I'm going to see this Star Wars or not. We liked the original trilogy, the second not as much. Maybe I'll wait until the library gets a copy and watch it for free.