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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dog Days

We have been in a rainy cycle for the past two weeks.  

The ground is boggy and squishy to the point where the dogs don't want to go outside to do their business.

And it has that springtime smell. 
That deep earth smell.
That worm smell.

When we walk I can see a grey haze scattered everywhere that shows where a worm just dissolved from being wet for so long.  And if it smells like worms to me I have to wonder just how stinky it is to a dogs nose.

I've taken to trying to get them to go out the front door since the backyard seems to be so repulsive.  

And sometimes I have to push them out.  

Casey and Ginny are pretty good about holding it overnight but Scooter has taken to peeing in the house while we sleep.  

I combat this by trying to get him outside one last time before we go to bed but sometimes SM and I forget.

Everyone is getting older in our house.  Ginny is blind and Scooter is deaf.  I've never had a deaf dog before and while Ginny might bump into things she still understands "Go Potty" and heads outside like normal.

Scooter on the other hand just stands there looking at me.  He sees the other dogs go out and I try to use eye contact and gestures to encourage him outside too.

I never knew the value of verbal commands with dogs until now.

SM says he spoke with a married couple who were Vets and they have 3 dogs too.  They were saying that their dogs won't go out to do their business either right now. 

Makes me wonder if there is a run on carpet cleaners on the Eastern Seaboard right now.  


  1. This rain has been amazing. Thank goodness it is supposed to stop for this week.

  2. Snow can be a detriment also. Our granddog who is with us for doggy day care doesn't like to "go" in the snow. ('Course, he's a Corgi with legs about 3" long so that may contribute to the problem.) We keep a patch of snow next to the deck shoveled for him and he uses that for his needs. Actually, it makes it easier for us to do poop patrol rather than wandering all over the yard looking for deposits. Don't know what to suggest for your problem though. A floating raft maybe? ;o}

  3. I have been struggling with the same issues. Scrappy is almost as deaf as a post (although it may be selective - I whispered "crunchy treats" in the kitchen while he was in the living room and he was at my side in a nanosecond. Pepper is a dachshund which needs no explanation. I am going through Anti-Icky-Poo by the gallon.