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Monday, January 25, 2016

No Toad Licking Allowed

** I am dedicating JANUARY 2016 as the month of the "rewind".  I'm going to highlight some of my personal favorite posts this month. Enjoy these Blasts From The Past. ***

It's Saturday morning, pre-dawn and the pups and I were out doing our daily 2 miles. 

I suddenly notice Ginny shaking her head repeatedly.  Then I notice her drooling and wanting to eat the grass. 

Uh oh. 

We were walking in the street at the time and there's always something to sniff at.  

And unfortunately things to eat.  My dogs are likely just like yours, vacumn cleaners on 4 legs. 

After a few minutes she carried on as usual so we finished our walk.

When we got home, I checked her muzzle, lips and gums.  No swelling, no bite that I could see.  She ate some of her food but left some behind which I picked up.

She seemed restless. 

While I was concerned about her, I was also keeping my eye on the clock.  I had 8am post-ops to do at work and needed to be on the road by 7.

I filled SM in on what I thought was going on.

"She either got bit by a snake or she decided to lick a toad."  I told SM. 

The toads are all over the place right now and are getting squished in the road by the cars.  And while a snake was a possibilty, I hadn't seen one and I would think that if she was struck by a snake, she'd have let out a yelp. 

"They (the dogs) usually leave the dead toads alone though."  I mused.  "But maybe there was one alive and she tried to put it in her mouth.  I would think if she was bit by a snake I would've seen it or heard about it.  I'm betting on the toad."

"Do you think she's hallucinating?"  SM asks looking at Ginny who was standing there looking less than perky.  (You know the old joke about getting high eating shrooms and licking toads?)

"Maybe."  I said looking at her. 

"Mr. Toad's Wild Ride?"  I asked, giggling.  SM laughed.

Ginny looked at both of us, turned and wandered out to the back porch where she promptly threw up.  

Serves us right for laughing I suppose. 

"There goes breakfast."  SM said turning away.  "At least she has the sense to go outside.  Casey will just lay there and yurp up right in front of her."

After the 3rd yurp I became a bit more worried, giving SM instructions to take her to see the Vet if she seemed to become distressed. 

"Calm down, she's fine.  Just let her get it out of her system."  SM told me.

* There's a really good reason why SM and I are grateful that we never had kids.  He can't stand the nasty side of life and I will worry myself to death over every little thing. 

SM knows that if I had my way I'd have Ginny in the car racing to the Vet.  My imagination is always on overdrive. 

SM on the other hand hates to deal with bodily waste, be it dog or child.  Me?  (shrugging)...Hey, life is dirty, clean it up.

So I toss on my scrubs, grab the keys and my purse and as I'm walking out the door I hear SM say..."Go outside, GO OUTSIDE...AH CRAP!!!" 

almost kept going. 


Instead I turned around and went back inside and helped him clean it up. 

Aren't I sweet?

By the time I got home later that morning, Ginny was better if still a little bit off her game.  She drank a bunch of water and kept it down. So no more "yurps".

When I made lunch for SM she tried to mooch some food...Silly dog.

By the afternoon she was back to her old self.

This is what you get when you kiss a frog, Princess.