"Getting rid of everything that doesn’t matter allows you to remember who you are. Simplicity doesn’t change who you are, it brings you back to who you are."

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The A To Z Of Me

*** I am dedicating JANUARY 2016 as the month of the "rewind".  I'm going to highlight some of my personal favorite posts this month. Enjoy these Blasts From The Past. ***

Laura at Our Wee Farm offered up this cute meme and since there's nothing going on in my world right now, I thought I'd participate.

A=Age; 53 1/2 Holy Sh*t...Really?
B=Bed size; King.  We started out in a twin.  Moved up to a queen.  And now it's a King...Love it!
C=Chore that you hate; Scrubbing out the shower...Yuck!
D=Dogs; Scooter, Ginny and Casey (or Boo, Princess and Piglet, or Squirrel Bait, Gin-Gin and Flounder, or Pasta Head, Eqyptian Queen and Tapper...)  Too many nicknames to count!
E=Essential start to you day; A walk with the pups.  I need to breathe the fresh air and have some quiet time.
F= Favourite colour; Acid Green (But actually any green will do)

G=Gold or silver; Gold.  But the only thing I wear now is a pair of earrings.
H= Height; 5ft 8in and shrinking
I=- Instruments you play; Nada, nothing.
J=Job title; Surgical Tech/Consultant

K-Kids; Just the pup's and SM
L=Live; I was born in NY State, moved to Texas, then Ohio, Virginia Beach, back to Ohio and now North Carolina.  I tell SM I want to live in an RV out west like my Mom does.
M=Mother's name; Donna
N=Nickname; Squeetie.  Only SM uses that one though.
O=Overnight hospital stays; Two.  As a child, I was in for kidney issues and an emergency appendectomy 5 yrs ago.

P=Pet peeves; Anything messy.  I can't think with a mess.  Considering I live with Mr Disorganized, I'm amazed that I can think at all.
Q=Quotes from a film; "Silly rabbit...Tricks are for kids."  Kill Bill Vol 1 and "I had a farm in Africa at the foot of the Ngong Hills."  Out of Africa- The best movie ever made IMHO.
R=Right or left handed; Right handed, left brained.
S= Siblings; Three.  One older sister, one younger sister and a kid brother

T=Time you wake up; Between 4:30 and 5:30 every "freakin" day.  I wouldn't know how to sleep in.
U=Underwear; Why would I discuss that?  "Yes Mom...They're clean!"

V=Vegetable I hate: Brussel sprouts and spinach.  Too bitter.
W=What makes you run late; SM
X=Xrays you've had; Too many to count.  I'm a "Glow-Rod."

Y=Yummy food that you make; Soups, cookies and cakes.  Or at least that's what I get complimented on the most.  EVERYONE loves my Oatmeal Craisins.
Z=Zoo animals;
 What about em?  I am fascinated by the Gorilla and Monkey houses. What does THAT say about me?


  1. Interesting . . . and fun to read!

  2. Isn't it interesting the answers that pop up when specific questions are asked? And I, too, think OUT OF AFRICA is just about the best movie ever made and can quote tons of dialog as they move along.