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Friday, March 11, 2016

She's Done Gone Crazy

Spring Fever has struck the Carolina's in a BIG way Ya'll.

I see flip flops and shorts.
Hair up in ponytails.
Lawns are being mowed.
Some fool even planted their garden.

Uh wait...That fool is me!

Look REALLY closely and you'll see PEAS!
Last week, SM showed me the long term forecast and seeing that we're having warm (as in 80 degrees) temps for the foreseeable future, this Mama went out and sprinkled lettuce and carrot seeds in one raised bed.  In the other bed I punched snow and sugar peas into the soft, warm dirt.

Bhwaa Haa Ha.  ( Insert evil laughing and eye twitching here.)

Climate change?  El Nino?  Who cares?

Peach blooms about to POP!
The 2016 Spring Gardening Season has begun!

Wouldn't it be lovely if I could get a lettuce crop a whole month earlier than usual?  

I can usually harvest wonderful salads from May until mid to late June when the heat makes the lettuce bolt.

Heck, maybe I should stick some summer squash in.  Cucumbers anyone?

Remind me that I was acting all crazy when I'm out there cursing and covering up my precious babies NEXT month when we will undoubtedly crash back to normal with freezing cold temperatures.

But what the heck...My hoops are up and ready!  

I'll take a chance...You never know.

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