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Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Big Bang

Our climate changed in a big way this week.  Everything popped.

I have never seen our peach so beautiful.  Notice the lack of bees on the blooms.

We have bees, it's just that they are prioritizing right now and clearly the peach is at the bottom rung.

I caught Casey (The Pig) enjoying the fresh spring grass.

And then SM mowed it all.

It looks wonderful out there doesn't it?  But there's a price to be paid for such beauty.

I never had allergies until we moved here.  (Common complaint.  Everybody says it.)

This year, I got the double whammy of a hard hit with pollen and a nasty head cold that SM passed along to me.  I was wondering why my allergy meds weren't working when it occurred to me that I might be sick too.

So I'm inside this weekend in the safe, sanitized environment of the histime sensitive.  

But I'm OK with that.  Bring it on.  

Get the big BANG over with so I can get out and enjoy another gardening season.

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