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Sunday, April 10, 2016

El Zappo

March was an astonishing lovely month here but, like always, Mother Nature has a way of reminding us that we are on her time table not our own.

Last night we had our first hard frost in over a month.

I noticed as I walked the dogs that many folks had covered their tender vittles and early annuals with sheets and blankets making it look a bit like Halloween out there.

I didn't bother. 
I didn't have any annuals planted yet. 
I knew it was going to frost and just shrugged my shoulders and emitted a slight "Meh" to the universe.  

I must really be getting mellow about gardening. 
They recover.  
They always do.

The only thing hanging out in the garden right now are the peas, which can take it, and a minor showing of lettuce and carrots that I planted last month on a whim.  I don't mind loosing any of that.  It was a poor germination anyway.

I can't do anything about the grapes or the crepe myrtles.  I learned long ago that all you have to do is lean in and whisper "Brrrr" around them and they instantly drop all their leaves.


I was actually thinking Pu$$y$ but you never know who you're going to offend anymore.


Technically our last frost date is April 15th and since that is right around the corner, I eyeballed this weeks forecast and we are in a frost free zone for the rest of this week.

Wa-Hoo.  I'm hoping to get my housework done early this chilly am and spend and few delightful hours weeding, raking and planting seeds this afternoon.

It's supposed to rain on Tuesday.  Perfect.  Let Mamma Nature do some of my work for me.

Another month and I'll be fresh eating and cutting zinnias again!

Can't wait!

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