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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Start Of Summer

One of the radio shows I listen to on the morning drive in said something about how "Memorial Weekend is the start of Summer because of our weather.  Other parts of the country are still in Spring mode, but in the Carolina's Summer is already here."

We've lived here 18 years now and I guess it's true.  
The garden definitely thinks so.  

Our peas needed to be pulled.  They did good this year but the field mice that moved in under the compost pile decided to take more that their fair share.  I've seen mice in the garden over the years and have taken a "live and let live" attitude in the past.  

But this year's pea annihilation got me mad enough to go buy a snap trap before everything else got cranking.  The thought of loosing squash and tomatoes to those little buggers was more than I could take.  Within hours I had my first mouse.  

In other news, Ginny continues to heal from her stroke.  It's been a slow process.  Just when she was getting better and could almost trot, she regressed.  SM came home to find her collapsed on the floor unable to get get back up.  We went back to complete bed rest for several days.  She's back up again, pacing the house as I write this but I don't think she's strong enough yet to attempt walking around outside.  When we take her out for bathroom breaks it's mostly standing around.  Poor Kid.  

Her best days may be behind her.

SM and I on the other hand are chugging along.  Annual physicals at the Dr's office are lined up and we are both aware that we need our butts smacked.  His appointment is next week, but I went in yesterday and got read the riot act over my weight gain and borderline cholesterol levels.  

"Are you making any effort to watch your diet?"  Dr Mc asked. 
"Nooooo....."  I replied breaking out into a sweat.  

Florescent lights, paper gowns...Ah, the humiliation of being a pasty white, middle aged, overweight menopausal woman.

I went home and promptly polished off half a carton of ice cream while I contemplated my sins. 

Eat, drink and be merry is my motto. 
Will I change my evil ways?
Pffft...Probably not.

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