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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Life - It's All About Your Perspective

I think we can all agree that Facebook can be pretty annoying. 

I love the posts that make me laugh.

And I open any video with an animal in it. 
What's not to love there.

I skip over anything too deep.  
You know the ones...

The "life quote" stuff makes me think.  

Sometimes too much.
And that makes it perfect fodder for a blog post.  Ha!

Take this post I found on my feed this week.

Now, in theory, I agree with everything written on this page.
What's not to love here?

And Kudo's to the folks that can actually make this happen.  
It's something that everyone can strive for I think. 

But I also think that a post like this can be very frustrating to people who are struggling to make ends meet.

Why does everything always seem to come back to money?

Hear me out for a moment please.  

Maybe this is just me being too practical, but if you choose to have a spouse, children, mortgage, cars, cellphones...blah blah blah...then your being a good worker becomes super important.  

Your actions provide for your family and isn't that a form of respect and love?

Why guilt people who have to work two jobs or have to travel for work and are away from their families into feeling like they are not being a good parent or spouse.

And what about those folks who truly enjoy what they do?  
Or those that dedicate their lives in service to others?

A post like this needs to be separated out, I think.

Combined, this post makes it seem like work is bad.

That "The Company" demands too much from you and misdirects you into thinking that caring about your job creates a situation where you care less for your family.

And I expect that since I know the person who posted this, that this coloring my opinion too.  The poster is a professional woman married to a professional man with a family and the choice of whether or not she wants to work is completely up to her. 

Anyway...I thought it was interesting enough to post about.

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