Saturday, December 3, 2016

Mary, Mary...

I've been a closet fan of The Great British Baking Show on BBCA for a while now.  

While Paul and the "Ready, Set, BAKE!" team are a delight, I tune in mostly for Mary Berry.

Love me some Mary!  

Just imagine having your "bake" criticized by the sweetest lady on earth.  And her British humor shines through in her critiques. 

I wouldn't want to disappoint Mary but if I did I would know that I could at least laugh about my failure. 

And now the US has lured Mary over to judge a new batch of amateur bakers on ABC's The Great American Baking Show.

Will TGABS be a hit?  

Time will tell.  

I watched the 2 hour premiere the other night and it felt a little flat.  
Was it the bakers?  
The challenges?  
I'm not sure.  

They copied the British version right down to the big white tent and rainy weather.  


Good GOD!  

The Brits are used to baking in the rain, but us poor Americans avoid it like the plague.  No wonder the "Show Stopper" cakes looked so bad. 

But there are some stellar bakers in the batch that pulled through to make America proud.  

I could never pull anything like this off.
But it just might inspire me to try!


  1. I watched it too. They even used the small European size ovens! I actually liked the show. None of the screaming and totally ridiculous ingredients that seem to be the norm these days. Another reason I like this series is that they show or emphasize techniques. I hope they will do the same expert demos of what the bakers should have done that they did in England.

    Did you know that Mary has a book? I found it at my local library. Some of the recipes were beyond my current skill level but others ... we'll see.

    1. I wondered about the ovens but definitely noticed the skinny fridges! I like the "Masterclass" episodes too. They make it seem SO simple.

  2. Looks like you are a big big fan of cake baking. and how can i forget to praise your presentation. absolutely fantastic. you have really a good sense of humor. Wish you a good health:)