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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Drum Roll Please!

So I watched a YouTube video on how to apply this stuff, cleaned the windows really well with a window scraper and spent the better part of 6 hours applying the window film.

Actually 1 hour of that was spent running to Lowes for more film and a killer Xacto Blade so I could trim the film better.  (The blade they supplied was a joke.)

Anyhow...Over all it went up pretty easy.  I completed 6 windows total, so a little less than an hour a window from start to finish.

SM told me this morning that it looks like a professional job.
Fooled him didn't I?

Our house is about 30 years old and the wooden windows in them are original.  
Many have broken seals.  

We have been tempted over the years to replace them but we don't want the vinyl replacement windows that are SO popular and wood windows ain't cheap.

We maintain them as best we can but know that someday we'll have to suck it up and replace them.

So after applying the window film, it comes as a bit of a surprise that the film actually makes our crappy windows look a WHOLE lot better.

As in newer. 

Granted, we still haven't seen what the house looks like in full sun.
It's still very cloudy today with a chance of more rain.

SM and I decided to only tint the windows that are exposed to full sun for now.

About 7 of our remaining south facing windows are actually protected under the porch roof so technically they are in the shade.  

These windows allow brighter light in the rooms that they are in.  I think if we tinted those too it would be WAY too dark.

One of the cool things I already like about these is how sharp they look from the outside.  And the privacy they afford.

So time will tell.  
So far, I think it's a win.

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