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Sunday, April 9, 2017

More Garden Work And A Squatter

Yesterday I spent an enjoyable morning cleaning up another raised bed, planting glads and dumping pots.

You know...The usual.

I stopped before I got too tired.  I didn't want to risk tweaking my back.  

It's funny how garden bending and twisting is completely different than housework bending and twisting.  I'm hoping to get through today without throwing anything out of wack.

The big area of disaster is the in-ground beds as usual.  Weeding the raised beds is a breeze with the light fluffy soil.  The in-ground beds hold on to everything that gets a chance to root in them.

I'm tempted to throw grass seed and let it go back to lawn.  Maybe one day I will.  But for now the best solution is cut, cover and till.

I woke any sleepy headed neighbors up early this morning with the mower to trim out the mess.

I'm covering everything for now.  Next week I'll hand till (shovel, hoe, rake) the areas that I want to use.  Everything else will stay covered to suppress the weeds.

Next week I hope to finish planting.  Green beans, tomatoes and winter squashes for the in-ground beds.  I'll also be swinging by a big box store for geraniums and petunias for the front and backyard pots.

SM called me at work last week and said that a robin was building a nest on our back porch rafter.  By the time I got home it was complete but empty. 

I noticed this weekend that we have a young lady residing in the nest.  It's right over the porch stairs so every time I open the door, she flies off.  

It would be cool if they are successful hatching and raising the babies so close to where we can see them.  I'm a bit doubtful that she will succeed what with all our coming and going.

Time will tell.  
As usual.

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