Sunday, April 2, 2017

Oh No You Diten!

Sams Club is the best.

You can go in with a simple shopping list and come out with a cart full of goodies that you never intended to purchase.

I was doing the shopping cart dance early Saturday.

You know the one.

Step. Step. Squeak.
Step. Step. Squeak.

I got me some rotisserie chicken, some diet mountain, a pile of berries (tasteless of course), a big bottle of wine and a frozen bag of mixed veggies.  

Like I said.  Simple.

I was heading to the self check out when an end display stopped me cold.

Spring bulbs!
Multipacks of spring bulbs!


"Like you don't have enough going on in the garden."  The cranky old broad in me exclaimed.

But I don't have Canna Lilies or Gladiolus anywhere in my yard!" The Southern Belle in me reasoned.

I eyeballed the assortment and snapped up 2 boxes of Canna's and 1 box of Glads.

As I went through the self check out the computer squealed when I rang up the wine.  

"How old do you think I am?" I teased the older gentleman who game over to type in his code.

"Ha.  I've been caught in that trap before!  Looks like you'll be needing that wine after planting all of those."  He remarked.

It wasn't until I was packing the truck with my goodies that I realized just how many bulbs I'd bought.

24 Cannas.  That seems reasonable for my 1/2 acre square of heaven.

90 Gladiolus.  
Say WHAT?  
As in Nine-Zero?

Holy crap.

Guess what I'll be doing the rest of the month....


  1. Sometimes the Spring Gardening Devils just take hold of you and you don't have any choice but to do what they say!

  2. One box had 90 glass?! Wow! Yes, you will be needing that wine later.

    I was feeling guilty for buying one of Costco's roasted chickens. Someone waiting in line with me told me that though the price might be the same as the supermarket, the bird is bigger! I also got, as my guy says, "everything but the cluck!" I boiled the bones with an onion, carrot, some celery tops, bay leaf and pepper corns to make stock. Don't add salt! That bird is already salted. I made some chicken and wild rice soup by roughly following Nancy Fuller's (Farmhouse Rules) recipe. It came out great but made a ton so I shared some with the neighbors.

    Have your seeds sprouted yet? We're going to put in some arugula, spinach, Swiss chard and radishes today.

  3. I recommend planting as many as you can stand, and then treat the rest of the bulbs like you would a bumper crop of zucchini – start putting them in people's mailboxes…

    1. Hahaha! I like that idea! Can you gift any of them? An early Mother's Day present?

  4. It came out great but made a ton so I shared some with the neighbors.


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