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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Soggy Bottom

Hooooo Dog!  Did we get the rain!

Soft and squishy out there my friends.  
We got about 2 inches of well deserved rain.

SM and I wandered around snapping pictures of the garden.

Nice weed free bed next to 2 "un-weeded" beds.  Ha!  

My Zinnia bed.

My two store bought tomatoes.  They CAN NOT be happy right now.  We will hope for the best!

Baby Winters!!!

Lots of weeding to do still.  That never ends does it?

Since it was WAY to boggy out there for outside work, I kept on the window train washing the inside windows then thought about starting outside.

I stepped out on the back porch...YUCK!  Pollen everywhere.
The rain has washed most of the pollen away but the front and back porches were covered in a nice thick paste of yellow pollen.

Rather than wash windows, I went ahead and grabbed the hose and washed off both front and back porches.

The robins were NOT amused.  

Image result for angry bird meme

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