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Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 A Year of Up's and Downs

Gosh...It's been a LONG time since I've blogged.  

Can't say that I've missed it.  

But I can say that I'm sure there will come a day when I will enjoy looking back at this blog and thinking "Oh yeah! I forgot about that!"

So...2017 Year in Review.  

It's been a year of loss.  

Ray's best friend and brother Ron. I miss him everyday. 

And my Sweet Ginny Girl.

But it's also been a year of simple joys and challenges.  I started off GREAT with the garden.

And our backyard of flowers and shrubs. Love looking at these pictures.  So GREEN!

We used our back porch constantly.  So relaxing.

A Hilton Head trip over Memorial Weekend to our favorite hotel on the beach.  

And then things took an unexpected turn.

The infamous Toothpick Infection of 2017.  We suspect (it was never confirmed) that Ray was kept on IV antibiotics for 4 days prior to his surgery because he likely developed sepsis.  We don't look too closely at that.  I'll spare you the nasty photos and just share a picture of the healed foot. 

We had a 98% Solar Eclipse in August that Ray came and enjoyed with me while I was at work.  

The whole building turned out.  Lots of fun but in retrospect we should have taken the day off and traveled a few hours South and seen the full eclipse. Oh well...We will get a second chance in a few years. 

October found me traveling with my sisters out to Las Vegas to visit my Mom and Bob for a few days.  

Great fun (but too much smoke) and I actually won a bit on penny slots!  Check it out!  I can totally see how gambling can become an addiction!

My sisters and I are going to try and make a trip to visit Mom each year.  We are thinking Sedona and The Grand Canyon for 2018.

Other than that, Ray and I worried that Casey-Pig would have issues being an only child with Ginny being gone.  But she adapted quickly and is thriving on all the attention she gets.

And I am The Shiz. 

Yes, it's true!  How do I know? 

Because a sticky note on my computer at work told me so.

So there.

With a little discipline and a few annoying pokes from all you good people out in Cyber-Land, I just might start blogging again.


Stay warm Ya'll and have a Happy New Year!

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