Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Air Fryer

Like everyone else in the world, I LOVE fried foods.

That said, I hate the smell of hot oil so I NEVER fry foods here in my home..

Welcome the Power AirFryerXL.

Image result for power air fryer xl

I'd been eyeballing this sucker for a few months now.  My nephew JT had gushed about how amazing these thing were.

We were at Sams Club yesterday and I asked Ray if the ole checking account could take a hit.  Yeppers!

$119 and this guy is HUGE.

Ray bought a Sam Club packet of chicken legs and we were off.  Twenty minutes in they were crisping up nice on the outside.  We tossed them in Buffalo sauce and stuck them back in for another 5-10 minutes.  

Perfect.  Crispy with the dried up sauce, but moist on the inside.

Amazingly simple to use with easy cleanup...The baskets are in the dishwasher right now.

We have a winner here folks.  

We are both excited to try fish and french fries next.  Supposedly you can even bake with it!.

The next big thing is the Instant Pot.

Image result for instant pot

Ray's sister got an Instant Pot and loves it.  Does anyone have an Instant Pot out there?  Do you love it?

If this keeps up, I'm going to run out of counter space!


  1. Does that mean that fried foods are now off the no-no list?
    Over at Old World Garden, they swear by The Instant Pot and have a bunch of recipes for it.

    1. Ha! "Fried" foods are now "Healthier". If you can believe that one. ;)

  2. The Skinny Taste blog has recipes for both devices. I’ve been thinking about an air fryer too. It really, really works well?

    1. Thanks for the tip. We've only used it once and I expect there is a learning curve but so far so good. The bottom gets hot and I have laminate countertops so I placed it on the back side of my griddle (that sits on my stove). Worked perfectly. They caution you about airflow. I was afraid it would heat up the kitchen. Nope. And it's actually really quiet. No greasy smell either. (Thank God!)

    2. I just saw a link on Facebook to a recipe of ST for empanadas. I didn’t know you could buy frozen Goya wrappers! She said you could make them in the oven too, but this whole idea opens up a new window of food ideas. She made hers in about 10 minutes to pack in her daughter’s lunch. You could probably make sweet ones too. Now I covet your air fryer ... oh well, i’ll Use my oven for now.

  3. I have never heard of an air fryer! Sounds too good to be true, LOL. I've resisted the Instant Pot because I have a small old fashioned pressure cooker. I think these new electric ones, however, are a wonderful idea.

    1. I just finished reading a few "dislike" articles on the Instant Pot. Clean up and start up pressure time seems to be an overall negative. Meh, I'll likely stay with my dutch oven and crock pot

  4. Who knew? I didn't - I have never heard of an air fryer. I have an Instant Pot and, other than the fact that the pressure cooker function does not work (!), I like it. It replaced my crockpot and yogurt maker, so that is a plus. I am working with them as far as getting it replaced, so I'm holding judgment on their customer service.

  5. I'm such a "non-gadget" person that I'm probably "cutting off my nose to spite my face" and need to jump on the band wagon with one or more of these new pieces of kitchen equipment. Air fryers and instant pots are all foreign to me. But keep talking about those you have experience with and like and I may just become a convert. Strangers things could happen. And, who knows, my cooking abilities may even improve.

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