Sunday, January 28, 2018

Time Flies

A few weeks ago I got the bright idea to start a Facebook Group for Family pictures.

Sort of a for my Mom, siblings and their extended families.

I got the idea of taking pictures of all the pictures that I have in my possession and posting them to Facebook.

I am assuming that at some point in the distant future, when I'm long gone, some distant relative will want to know more about where they came from.

It's been fun looking back especially at the old black and whites of my grandparents and even a few of my great grandparents.

My siblings are digging through their own photo albums and posting pictures, some of which I never recall seeing!  

Everyone is reminiscing and making fun comments.  I feel that it's bringing us all just a little bit closer.

But I also feel just a little sad seeing how quickly time flies by.

Age heightens this sense of time speeding by.  When you are a kid, you're just not aware of how quickly life speeds by.

My Mom told me when I was a teenager wishing my school year away, "Just wait till you're older.  Time starts flying by the older you get.  Don't wish your life away, Tami."

Never have truer words been spoken.


  1. Where would we be without those old pictures to jog our memories of times gone by?

    It's my theory (and I'm sticking to it) that when we were young time went much more slowly than it does for us as adults because as children we had (relatively) no responsibilities. In other words, time was largely our own. There wasn't that little voice whispering, "You'd better stop diddling around and leave for work," or "Get this done now before the deadline," or "You have to get to the grocery store before it closes." So much of our adult life revolves around the clock. As a child, I remember asking my aunt how long until Christmas. When she replied it was only about a month, 30 days, I thought that was an insurmountable period of time!

  2. I think you're right MP. Even now I'm looking at the clock thinking "My day is almost over and I have to go back to work tomorrow."

  3. I read somewhere that time seems to go by faster as you age because you don't make as many memories as you did when you were younger. From the sound of that it seems sad.

    1. That would be sad wvhiker if true. Perhaps it would be better said that there aren't many milestones left as we age. I do believe I am doing more and accruing more memories than ever. And well lookie there 70 is only 13 months away😊

  4. What a great idea for your family. I've recently been uploading all of our family photos onto our Prime Photo storage. The memories make me smile and sad at the same time.

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