Fur Kids

SM and I are magnets for stray animals.  We're both soft and squishy when it comes to a stray animal.

(*Except chickens.  SM has a "No Chickens" policy around here.  I've tried telling him that the shed in the backyard would make a delightful chicken coop but he won't be swayed.)

Anyway, if you've followed us for a while you know that The Three Amigo's live here.

Scooter Boo

 Miss Ginny 

and Casey The Pig.

 If you'd like to read more humorous stories about our life with the pups just click on the posts below.

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  1. Tami - I volunteer with a local dog rescue, and we have gotten several calls this week from people surrendering their dogs. Do you happen to know anyone looking for some great dogs? Myrtle is a 4-year old bloodhound; Ajax is a 5 month old Lab / border collie mix - we are about 30 miles from Charlotte, looking for someone within a 3-4 hour radius.

    1. I'll keep an ear out. Thanks for the heads-up!