Man, You Better Pause - Humor For The Over Fifty Crowd

As I go through my workday, I talk with all sorts of people from all walks of life.  

Sometimes it happens that I'll get a woman (or a man) around my age and we'll usually take a moment or two to gab and joke about aging.  It's always a humorous conversation.  

That's the thing about aging.  You can laugh or you can cry.  Most everyone I meet, regardless of circumstance, chooses to laugh.  And that's right up my alley.

A doodle while I was in a traffic jam.  Self portrait?

SM and I have been going through Menopause for the past few years now.  

I include SM in this statement because he gets to suffer along with me.  I know we both wish it would wind up already but I seem to be one of those women who gets to enjoy the varied symptoms of The Change a little longer than the next girl.  

Oh Joy!  

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