Otherwise known as Mr. Don't Blog About Me.

To which I always reply "If I didn't have you, I'd have nothing to say so there wouldn't even be a blog!"


They just think that the world revolves around them don't they? 

SM really does have another name but if I mentioned it on the blog, he'd shoot me for sure.  

Let's just call him SM and keep the peace shall we?

So...I'm sure you have some questions.

*Do I really call him SqueetieMan?  
*Yes, I really do.  Squeetie for short.

*Where the heck did that come from? 
*Well, long story short, it came from a Seinfeld episode where Jerry called his girlfriend "Schmoopy".

(Schmoopy as defined in The Urban Dictionary...)

A really annoying term of endearment used in the show "Seinfeld" that they blatantly make fun of for one episode. 
"Hello Schmoopy" --Jerry
"Awww hello schmoopy" --Jerry's girlfriend
"How's my little schmoopy today?" --Jerry

"Ugh they are sooooo aggravating with their little schmoopy this and schmoopy that." --Elaine
 So rather than use the Seinfeld endearment, we created our own.  Aren't we cute? 

*Is he really camera shy?

*Oh yeah.  He blocks me at every turn.  

It's a very rare thing to get a picture of SM as it is.  
And if I post the picture on the blog, I get all kinds of grief.  Threats even!  
But somehow the pictures manage to stay up. 

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