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Monday, March 26, 2012

Beam Me Up Scottie

SM thinks that this Summer is going to be a scorcher.  He thinks we're falling back into a pattern like when we first moved here.  It's been about 14 years or so.  Do weather patterns fall into cycles?  We'll soon see.

NC was in a drought back in 98 when we first moved here and I came to understand that the dry, burnt and brittle country side was NOT the norm.  Since recovering from the drought, things seem to be pretty normal.  I don't really hear any of the locals commenting about the weather being unusual.

Except this year.  Everyone (and I do mean everyone) is talking about the early Spring.  Usually it's a slow waltz into Spring around here.  Certain trees and shrubs bloom in a certain sequence culminating in the hardwoods leafing out last. 

This year it doesn't seem to matter.  It's a mad rush to leaf out.  The holly bushes are covered in blooms and bees right now.  This usually happens in mid to late April.  I checked my blog journal from last year and my entry was April 10th for the holly's to be in bloom.  That's a good 2-3 weeks ahead of the curve.

SM noticed yesterday that our English Oak and our Crepe Myrtles are beginning to leaf out.  I felt like someone beaned me over the head...We were both shocked.

"Well, Beam me up Scottie..." I muttered to myself in amazement.

(*I know, I know...I tend to use some very interesting phrases and idioms here.  Let me digress here for just a moment.   It's my way of saying "Yeah.  I'm on board.  I agree with what you're saying."((Star Trek Geek here.)) 

What I'm trying to say is that I DO believe that Mother Nature has handed us an early Spring.  I would be very surprised if we were to get any destructively cold weather.

It's funny how much better you pay attention to the weather once you start to garden or farm.  I certainly understand our little slice of heaven much better after trying to get the land to produce something.  And I hate to waste a good opportunity.  It seems that Mamma N is prodding me saying "What are you waiting for ?" Hello...McFly?  Think!  (*another idiom we use around here) "I'm handing you the chance to start eating fresh veggies a whole month earlier than normal.  Be flexible girl."

I think that (like you) I've been very suspicious that this was a fluke.  But while I've seen the fruit trees get burned by popping out too early, I've never seen the oak tree leaf out until May.  Ever.  It's always the last to POP.

And to my way of thinking, if the Oak can come out to play than so can some of my summer veggies.  I went ahead and planted summer squash, cucumbers, loofahs and potatoes this weekend.  I'm holding out on the beans for another week or so.  I plan on planting a large patch of beans.

And if SM is right and we do get clobbered by a scorching hot Summer, at least I might be able to get a bit of a harvest in before the oven turns on.  And if Mother Nature has just handed us an early Spring than I'll reap the benefits of sowing a little early plus have a longer than normal growing season. 


  1. I agree this year is very unusual. Normally, when we get back from our spring trip, we're thrilled if the snow is mostly melted. This year? --GREEN grass, Forsythia in bloom ( a full SEVEN weeks early!), daffodils up, fruit trees budded. Only, now---its 24 degrees as I write this. So, the question is, will it KILL the fruit trees or just push them back. I hope you don't get any surprises like that.......

  2. Tami - With an extended growing season, perhaps you could even get another crop sowing in this summer.

    If all else fails - I can highly recommend a shade cloth veggie patch - to take the edge of the effects of the heat :)

  3. The weather here in MN is just as crazy. It's all anyone is talking about - how early the spring is. We have to MOW. Do you hear that? MOW!!! Before April! I don't think I've ever seen that before. :) And the only reason I'm not sticking veggies in the ground yet is because we don't have the spot prepared on our new farm yet!

    Good luck with your extended growing season, and enjoy Mother Nature's Early gift!

  4. I waited too long to plant lettuce because I kept waiting for the freezes to hit. I hope to get at least a couple of harvests before the heat kicks in.
    Love the photo of the tree branches!

  5. Yes, Mother Nature went with early spring this year and everything is in bloom - including fruit trees. And tonight we're getting whaloped with 23 degree deep frost so I'm afraid everything that's blooming is going to die off and I won't see any fruit this year :(

  6. Yeah I think the fruit trees are doomed but is that really anything new? It seems that fruit harvests are hit and miss, feast or famine from year to year. Frustrating for sure.

    We are buying some shade cloth this year. Our Green Peppers just couldn't take the direct sun. I don't think I'll be doing anything near as cool as Dani did (check out her blog) but we're starting to plan for that eventuality. Not an IF but a WHEN.

  7. I have to admit that I've mowed the grass three times already this year. Last year I tempted fate and planted the tomatoes and peppers April 1st. They should have been in the ground two weeks ago! We are in for something that's for sure.
    Live long and prosper.

  8. That is so true about becoming in tune with the weather when you garden. We first moved to NC in '95. It rained all the time! And then came the drought. Actually, I suspect change is more normal than we humans realize. :)

  9. As Leigh says, we're more in tune with the weather when we garden . . . and also when we're out and about in it several times a day because of taking care of animals, getting in wood, doing basic homestead/farm chores. I remember distinctly once on a trip back to Illinois to visit my folks (who were typically suburbanites) what the temp was of a morning. They both looked at me like, "I dunno. Why does it matter?"

    Here in northern MN, trees are barely budded out but no blossoms so far so I think we'll squeak by this week of freezing temps with no lasting effects. I hope.