Monday, September 3, 2012

Owners Manual

I was dozing in the recliner last night, Scooter Boo beside me, a throw blanket across my legs, when I felt the heat start to rise.

I was asleep enough that I didn't open my eyes but as I sat forward, tossing the blanket off, leaning foward, raising my arms and lifting my shirt automatically, I heard...

"You poor thing."

I opened my eyes and saw SM in the other recliner observing me.  I think I smiled at him.  Not really sure because I flopped back into the chair and passed out again.  (Is it possible to live without R.E.M. sleep?)

I thought about SM's comment this morning though.  And of all the other comments he's made to me lately. 

"You look great." or "Come here, Beautiful." 

Now, I know he's said these words to me before throughout our marriage.  It's just that now...when I need it the most...I'm finally hearing it.

And I'm thankful for that. 

That I can wake up enough to notice that he's sympathetic to what I'm going through.  (Thanks, Baby...)

And that I can also apprecticate that, while I've certainly seen better days, he still thinks I'm beautiful.

When I say all this to him, letting him know that he's getting boo-coo points in my book, he just waves me off with a smile.

"Hey, I read the Owners Manual."

That's right you did!

Smart Man....@;)


  1. What a great hubby! (and a great sign)

  2. I'm in the same boat . . . except at night, when I have the thermostat as low as it will go without freezing up the system, my husband of soon to be 26 years is nearly frozen so he tries to sneak a little closer to take advantage of the major heat my body is generating - only to be given what he calls the "mule kick" (to which I'm truly not aware of). He's great - and I feel bad . . . so I crocheted him a large blanket!

    I think he's read the "Owner's Manual" too. :-)

  3. When I started having hot flashes in june I new there was no way I could deal with that for any extended time period. I have been taking black cohash capsules and after 1 week they were gone. Im so much more happier!