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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Rose Colored Glasses

Ah, weekends!  

How I live for thee!

Fourty-eight glorious hours of home time.  

That the home time usually includes cooking, cleaning and scrubbing the John...Well, you can't have everything.  Or can you?

Some of us silly folks actually get a kick out of the everyday.  Just the simple little task of creating some homemade Chicken Noodle Soup brings more pleasure to me than cracking off the lid on a can of Progresso.  

Not that Progresso doesn't have it's place around here.  Monday thru Friday you can count on leftovers being served for dinner as Mama is much too tired to do more than make a salad or steam some veggies. You are pretty much on your own during weeknights.

But the weekends afford me the time to cook all day long if I want.  SM has requested Chicken Noodle Soup (since his taste buds have still not recovered) so I shall be tossing a chicken and some sweet Italian sausage in the Dutch Oven to bake here in a bit.  Cool it off, de-carcass-ify it and we'll have soup in no time.

The laundry is in full swing already and there is a pleasure in folding warm clothes and smelling the Downey freshness.

I de-poopified the backyard last night before it got dark and managed to step in a pile which then embedded itself in the small creaks and crevices of the soles of my shoes.  The dogs all skulked off expecting me to have my usual tantrum of "Shit!  Freaken Dog Shit!" but it never came. 
 Image result for funny step in dog poop

It's the cost of having dogs, you know.

I find myself to be in a very mellow mood this morning.  My throat is full but not sore yet.  I have a cough and blow from time to time but if this is as bad as it gets I'll be grateful. 

SM brought home a bouquet of fresh cut Mums in yellow, white and purple for Valentines Day.  I've never been a rose kinda girl so having some sweet, silly mums in a mason jar is right up my alley.  

I do miss kissing the guy though.  We've been reduced to hugs ever since he came home with the creeping crud.

This is true romance kids...Chicken Noodle Soup and some sweet Mums.  Along with a cough, spit and blow.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!


  1. I am in round 2 of this cold cough business. First round lasted 4 weeks. Homemade chicken noodle soup sounds great. I think I will make some this weekend.

  2. Well, this post gave me the warm fuzzies! No roses for me either. So expensive and they don't last anywhere nearly as long as mums or carnations. (I'm for longevity, thank you.)

    And thank gawd dogs never seem to step in dog poop. Although wait a minute. Their paw would probably be easier to clean than the treads of our Vibram-like shoes!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and the still-snuffly mister.

  3. Hope you dodge the crud. I made chicken barley soup yesterday. Recipe was from Skinny Taste blog about a week ago. The wind is just whipping today and the temps are in the single digits so I'll probably have some more for lunch.