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Sunday, February 15, 2015

What The...?

About 8pm last night we were all startled out of our comfy cozy nests with a Bang.

"What the...?"  I cried out.  The dogs all shot out from their respective places and SM came running.

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The north wind had hit the front of the house with as much force as I've ever experienced. The front windows all shook and the front storm door was torn open.

SM tried to get it to close but something must've warped.  

"I don't know how we can close it to keep it from being torn off."  He said as he whisked by me on the way to the garage.

"Duck tape."  I called but he was already gone.

How many of you have that wonderful grey roll of handy dandy duck tape sitting on your kitchen counter?  

I do.  That lifesaving roll is like one of my kitchen appliances.  It's always there and within easy reach.

I grabbed the roll, wrapped a length around the storm door handle, closed the door and extending the tape another few feet ran the tape along the inside molding and side window area.  

Then I closed and locked the front door and went out into the garage to get SM.

"You did what?"  SM asked.
"I duck taped it."
 So I opened the front door and showed him.
"Well, OK then."

And we all settled down for a long winter's nap.  I got up around 1am and the wind was still going at it.  

It's 17 out there at 6:30am.
Wind chill is 4.
And the ducktape is still holding.

Stay warm ya'll...


  1. Good grief! and good ol' duck tape.

    Hope the wind dies down soon for you.


    1. Pretty much gone. Now though they're starting to talk about and ice storm Mon-Tues. I'd rather have the wind @;)

  2. Quick thinking, you clever girl! I too swear by Duck tape (and Gorilla) for quick repairs. 50mph winds here yesterday, white outs and only -4F this morning. And tonight it is gonna get REALLY cold. Winds blew so hard it popped the tape off of my bay window inside plastic film. Sheesh! Quick - tape! LOL Hang in there! Stay warm.

    1. After reading that, I really need to stop whining. YOU be sure and take care, Kris.

  3. And I think it's going to get worse before it gets better. Things scattered everywhere here this morning by last night's wind and its bitter cold. Hunker down and batten down the hatches.

  4. We had bad winds here in northern MN last night, too, although that's been the norm for us this winter it seems. Do you normally (yeah, so what's "normal" these days?) get those low temps you're having in the winter? All this time I thought you lived in the Banana Belt!

    1. Banana Belt? Nah...We're about 8 hours North of there. Lows are 20-30ish most times. Never single digits...

  5. Yeah, blew a piece of siding off of our house and various things through the yard.It was a good one.

  6. Tami - just popping in to tell you how much I am enjoying your writing. Living in NC also (as a transplant), it's always reassuring to meet like minded people. And that wind was something else last night. Supposed to be gone today, and it is better, but it is making a cold day even colder!!

    1. Welcome Kate and Thank You for your kind words. I'm sure you're thinking (like I am) that we didn't move far enough South @;)

  7. Holey Crap! That would have gotten our attention! My dogs bark at imaginary things - I can't even imagine what they'd do in that circumstance. I, too, have a roll of duct tape at the ready. You can never be too prepared.