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Monday, June 29, 2015


I can cook...Yes, Sir I can.  

Not the fancy schmancy stuff on Food Network but good simple fare that keeps them coming back for more.

Can I bake?  

Sure...Some things better than others.  My Oatmeal Craisins keep the folks in the cheap seats hollaring for more.  I suppose I'd be more interested in baking if I could actually eat the stuff. (Ha! Gluten Free Me).

But it's Summer now and there's NO WAY that I'm encouraged to heat up the house to do either. 

Mama takes a break from June till September so if you like salads or nacho's or a simple rice jambalaya or even microwave popcorn...than I'm your girl.

Eventually though, SM's tummy starts reminding him that most food is served HOT and he wants me to grill some real food up.  

Such was the case yesterday morning  when I picked another plethora of summer squash and SM chimed in "Boy, these would sure taste good grilled."

Now usually I just "stew" them.  (Stew is southern for "steam them" in a veggie steamer.)  I toss in some salt and pepper and a slab of butter and I'm a happy camper.

But I do recognize the fact that one of the big reasons SM and I have a happy marriage is because I keep him well fed.  

Seriously Girls...That old adage is true!

 Image result for the way to a man's heart food

Makes me sad that so many of today's young women don't know how to cook.  Or don't care to.  Restaurant food is so blah anymore.  I can cook WAY better than those fools...But I digress.

So since it's hot and Daddy wants some grilled up chow, so be it!

Now the truth is, I have NOT mastered the art of the grill.  
Yeah, yeah, yeah...Low and slow is what they say.  

BULLSHIT.  That's what I say!

Image result for grill fire

I have wasted more food grilling than I've ever lost to the forgotten, moldy depths of my refrigerator.

Now I always thought that grilling was the Man's domain.  

Me cook.

Image result for neanderthal fire cooking

The few times SM was desperate enough to proceed without me turned out pretty freaken good. 

Pork chops was his thing and he grilled them beautifully.

I heaped tons of praise upon him in the hopes that he might become Grill-Meister extraordinaire!  

Ha!  No such luck.

And so I made my preparations.

Low heat.

Fresh Veg. Spray oil.  (Do you see the seasonings that you gave me Bob?)

So far so good.

And what do you know?  
And was it ever GOOD!

Move over Boys...I'm taking on the big dogs now!


  1. Oh, grilled veggies are so good! Might I suggest you get yourself a no stick grill pan that looks kinda like a wok but with holes everywhere. I use one to cook veggies. I cut squash, red peppers, onions and mushrooms into chunks, toss them around in zesty italian salad dressing and then toss them into that pan on the grill. Stir them a bit about every 10 minutes and cook until they're as done as you want them. Man, are they good. You can use this pan for shrimp or anything else that might fall through the grate. Have fun!

  2. Great post. I once bought a farm-raised, organic chicken, whole, and put it on the grill like I've done in the past. Thing burned up like a red head in the sahara. big waste! live and learn.

  3. You go! That squash sure looks good! Love the new header and I see you are enjoying your lovely zinnias from the garden. The deck looks great! Keep on grillin'!

  4. Dang that looks good. You're inspiring me to make better use of my grill this summer. :)

  5. Reading this right before dinner. Dang, that last picture looks good enough to . . . good enough to . . . well, good enough to EAT! Mmmm-mm!

  6. If you have a cast iron pan, you can use that on the grill too. We grilled lemon oregano pork chops last night (with roasted cauliflower and my first successful potato salad ever) and cooked some poultry sausages for tonight at the same time. Now I just need to cook some peppers and onions. Dinner lickety-split! Now where did that expression originate? It makes no sense.