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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dry and Drying

No kidding...but it's been dry here.  Fall is usually our driest season and with little to no rain this Summer, the lawn has finally reached the crispy stage.  

We've been mowing once a week up until now but moving forward, I think we'll catch a break on that at least.  

I noticed our neighbor de-thatching his lawn and raising up a dust storm while doing it.  This is the season for over seeding the lawn around here.  Hard to believe anyone would want to be chained to twice daily watering but there you have it.

Even I've vetoed a Fall garden because of the dry spell.  Who wants to have to baby a garden space like that?  I've even passed on planting Mums and Pansies. 

I must say it been rather pretty outside.  
Cool mornings, warm to hot afternoons. 

Zinnia production is way down right now so I've taken to saving the flower heads and drying them for a seed save.  I've planted them in the same spot for years and can't seem to get them to re-seed year over year on their own.

I'll try saving this batch and planting them in a different spot and see if I can get them to grow.

SM has been out enjoying his Man-Cave.  Football season in high gear!


What's Fall like in your backyard?


  1. Lush and green still. We were starting to get a little dry but just got 1-1/4" of rain which perked things up dramatically. Supposedly the peak of our color season is the third week in September, but this year that ain't gonna happen. Very few of the trees are even showing color yet. That's fine by me as it will seem to extend my favorite time of year!

  2. It's dry here too. I need to get winter pasture planted, but I'm afraid that if I put out the seed with no rain in sight, the chickens and other birds will eat it all by the time there's rain to start it growing.

    Love your porch! That's the perfect outdoor room for good autumn weather.

  3. We woke up this morning to some very desperately needed rain. Yesterday I sowed our fall cover crops in hope of rain, and I kicked up a dust storm while doing it. I don't remember a September as dry as this one. Hoping this rain will give our pastures some life so the animals will have good forage this winter.

  4. Hello, Just found your blog and am enjoying it reading backwards. I've saved Zinnia seeds also but but to let you know that after the second year the hybrid seeds revert and you will end up with muddy dull colored all alike flowers.