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Monday, September 28, 2015

In The Mist

We've finally hit a patch of rainy weather.  

Well, mist actually.  

Maybe some heavier drizzle from time to time. 

Unfortunately, it's misted every day this weekend so no outdoor fun occurred around here.

In fact, another storm system is supposed to push out the drizzly clouds that's been sitting on top of us in favor of some honest to goodness rain.

It's forecast to rain everyday this week.
Can't imagine how tall the grass will be by the time we can finally mow it.
I might need to borrow a goat or two.

This flowering vine has taken off and is crawling all over the deck.  I cut it back a bit but it's going bananas with the rain.

SM calls it a Hummingbird Vine. 

I don't know if that's the true name of it but most days we see a small male hummingbird flit around the flowers.

Even in the misty rain.


  1. Beautiful vine! I've never seen anything like it. The greenery looks evergreen-ish.

    We, too, are in a period of misty, foggy, light rain. Lots of huma-DI-dee, as my mom used to say. Trying to clean up the garden results in wet gloves, wet clothes and a cranky me.

  2. Will ya send some of that stuff down here? We keep gettin' teased about rain comin', and get skunked every time! Enjoy the downpour!

  3. My sister-in-law has that vine and I got a bunch of seeds from her.Hubstead has to make me a trellis for them first and boy they spread like wildfire too!

  4. We always called it a cypress vine. Was rampant on the farm in north Florida and was a real nuisance. Vines are tough as wire and always clogged up the farm equipment necessitating a stop and work with a sharp knife to cut through it and pull it all out. The hummers to love it but I guess my background just would never let me consider deliberately planting the stuff.

  5. We call it a hummingbird vine too. We have them growing on the steps of our deck in the same way. And they do attract hummingbirds. As for the rain, after our drought I was glad to see it. But it's possible to have too much of a good thing! I didn't think I'd need to mow grass again this year, but now it's knee high. Great for the pastures though.