Tuesday, January 2, 2018


It's Eight freaken degrees out there as I type this.


When it's spelled out it's a pretty weird looking word isn't it?

Eight. Eight. Eight. Eight. Eight. Eight. Eight. Eight. Eight. Eight. Eight. Eight

Sounds like something a cat might cough up.

Image result for cat coughing


Or something an Olympian Powerlifter should grunt.

Image result for olympian powerlifter


Or maybe the sound I should make when I burp the Diet Mt Dew I'm drinking...

Image result for burp meme


Made you laugh didn't I?

You needed that laugh cause if it's EIGHT FREAKEN DEGREES HERE it must be even COLDER where you are!!!

So what does it sound like where you are today?


  1. It's flippin' SEVEN degrees here in Lincolnton! Thank God for the fireplace. Heats the whole place up just right.

    You'll get through it. More snuggling time for you and SM. And hey, those hot flashes DO come in handy this time of year! ;0D

  2. We started out at negative 3. Next week it will be warmer--in the mid 30's. A real heat wave in comparison to what is going on today.

  3. Don’t look at the weather app...another cold front is coming down on frigid Friday! Can you hear my teeth chattering? We just took a bunch of extra hats, gloves and scarfs to the drop in day center for the homeless.

  4. What does it sound like where we are today? Complete silence. We're frozen. Solid. But at least the 35-40 mph winds have died down. We must be thankful for small favors. But I must admit you really are having COLD weather for your part of the country. What's with that?

    I am so, so glad to see you blogging again. You are a fantastic, unique, talented (and, yes, quirky) writer and it's a shame not to put your so very enjoyable style out there.

  5. OMG I am so glad you are back! It is minus five. Which sounds like hell or a sci-fi movie. Or both. Too bad it’s not fiction.