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Wednesday, January 3, 2018


The past few weeks I've been boiling water on the stove to add some precious humidity to our air.  

We've got a warm mist humidifier by the bed but whenever I'm home and it's cold outside, I've got the water boiling.  

It's makes the house feel warmer, decreases the chance of a static electric ZAP and soothes our throats and noses.

So as I type this I'm watching a pretty plume of steam rise into the air.

Mmmm.  Steam.

Hey...That's an idea.  

Lets talk McSteamy and McDreamy, Mer and Christina, GEORGE!  OMG GEORGE!

Image result for grey's anatomy

Yep.  I discovered The Netflix Binge with Grey's Anatomy.  

I can totally understand why people binge-watch on Netflix.  It's perfect.  One episode after another.  No freaken cliffhangers.  No waiting a year (or two Thank You Game of Thrones).

Nope.  If you're willing to wait a few years until the regular TV season wraps up, Netflix will pick it up and you can watch it all in one big session.

I never ever had ANY interest in watching Grey's for the 14 years it was on regular TV, but one day it was sitting in my "trending" list on Netflix and I punched GO on the first episode and I was hooked.

Shonda Rhimes...You are a goddess!

The perfect combination of Girl-Power...
Image result for grey's anatomy meredith and cristina you are my person


Image result for meredith and derek quotes

Ugly crying...

Image result for meredith grey ugly cry

And WTF! 

Image result for george. it's george. john doe is george


Image result for george. it's george. john doe is george

I swear that episode scarred me for life!

Image result for christina somebody sedate me

So are you a Grey's Fan?

Image result for george dying grey's anatomy meme

Have you developed a brain tumor yet?

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