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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bring It On

November already.

Hard frosts and holidays.

Apple pies and antacids.  

While I'm no "prepper" I have been "preparing" and the house is positively STUFFED with good things.  SM was in Hendersonville NC last week and called me at work to ask if I wanted more apples as he was driving by plenty of orchards.  "Hell, Yeah!"  Straight from the farmer and packed into my storage boxes in our garage.  We added Granny Smiths and Pink Lady's to the Honey Crisps we'd already bought.

My upright freezer is stuffed with fruits and veggies from the summer.

We've been opening some of the canned salsas and tomatoes that I put up.  A pop of the lid, a quick sniff and we're in love.  This is the reward that I'd hoped for.  Homemade goodness in a jar.  I must admit that in my more fearful moments I was concerned that this canning thing wouldn't work and I'd kill both of us with my newbie efforts.  So far so good.

Very Good!


  1. Congrats on the canning success. I'm STILL too scared to do it. I keep thinking I'm going to poisen us. So I keep freezing. But you can't freeze pears and so I'm getting closer and closer to trying canning.

  2. Congrats on providing for your family! How rewarding that must feel.

  3. Oh, that freezer packed of goodness looks lovely!! And all those canned goods are going to make you feel sooooo PROUD come winter when you pop one open!